It’s “Cape Town” For Liv In This Week’s IZombie

Credit: CW
Credit: CW

I know superheroes are a big deal on the CW, and in the world, but sometimes some characters should never suit up. Sometimes it’s a lesson hard learned, as shown on this week’s iZombie.

Trust Issues: The episode begins where the last one left off: Liv and Major are fighting over Liv’s discovery of the naked pictures sent by our favorite red head. Liv feels like she cannot trust Major anymore, and their fighting has kept Ravi up all night. Ravi interrupts their fighting to say that they have a body to pick up. This effectively puts the fighting on hold, as Liv try’s and fails to explain what it’s like to be on someone else’s brain, while still being yourself. This leaves Major to go to a bar alone and drink. He ends up hitting on a girl, who turns out to be a zombie (so of course he stalks her and prepares to freeze her).

Superhero Problems: The dead body turns out to be a masked vigilante who goes by the name “the Fog,” and Ravi could not be more excited. Liv is now on hero brains, and is defiantly not thinking clearly. Her and Clive go talk to Stacy Boss, who is pretending to be Santa Clause at a Christmas tree lot. He say’s he knows nothing about the murder or the mugging the masked vigilante prevented. Liv then gets a vision of The Fog getting punched by the superhero named Hashtag. The duo brings in Hashtag for questioning, and they learn The Fog was putting together a league of superheroes to fight Stacy Boss and prevent his upgraded gun shipment from hitting the streets.

Saving Time: Meanwhile, Blaine’s henchman brings in Boss’s henchman, who is bleeding on his table. Blaine is fuming and knows the guy is going to die, so he brings him to Liv to turn into a zombie. According to Blaine and Ravi, this guy is the only one who has access to tainted Utopium and without him they are all screwed if they want to find the cure. So, Liv does what she has to do and turns him into a zombie, but she is devastated about the entire situation. Blaine fills the guy in on zombie 101, and he goes back to Boss’s side.

Merry Christmas: Clive and Liv discover simultaneously that the Fog actually saved another criminal who had just stolen from Mr. Boss. The criminal killed the Fog, not the muggers, but Boss killed the muggers for failing to kill the woman. The episode resolves with Liv taking out Boss’s lackeys who were attempting to sell the insane artillery to some gangs, but is blind sided by Mary (the girl who killed fog/petty criminal) who knocks her out. As luck would have it, Boss shows up and shoots Mary in the head, effectively saving Liv’s life. Who knew you could knock out a zombie like that?

Major Problems: Major is at the woman zombie’s house, who turns out to be a high class zombie escort. She feels like a slave and is about to kill herself when Major interrupts. The two bond about brains and living while eating brains, and Major convinces her not to kill herself. She agrees to let Major freeze her, and he promises to kill her if she wakes up and there is still no cure. Apparently, Major is going by the Boogyman in the zombie community. This was an incredibly depressing moment for everyone involved.

The episode ends with Clive ending Liv’s partnership, saying she is not a cop, and he should not have treated her as such. We then see Ravi with a zombie rat, who apparently lasted 134 days with the cure and then reverted. This means the cure is not permanent! When will Liv and Blaine turn back??

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