“Hostile Takeovers” Are Attempted In This Bombastic Supergirl Winter Finale

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Welcome all to the Winter Finale of Supergirl!

Last week ended with Kara being kidnapped by her Aunt Astra and Alex learning that Hank Henshaw is really J’onn J’onnz.

So obviously this week, stuff is about to get super real.

Let’s dive in!

An Aunt’s Love: Astra has figured out how to neutralize Kryptonite, which is just terrifying. She tries to recruit Kara to her yet unknown to cause. Kara refuses her aunt and manages to escape. Back at the DEO, she’s still recovering from the Kryptonite exposure and wants Astra. Hank and Alex convince her to go home and rest. Kara notes how chummy they are, and Alex keeps Hank’s secret. In a conversation with a Lieutenant Non (her husband), Astra tells him not hurt her niece. And he makes it clear that when she dies, all bets are off. The next day, Alex and Kara fight in the Kryptonite room and Alex notes her hesitation. She tells Kara that she needs to be ready to kill her aunt and needs to let go of any feelings. Kara says it’s a non-issue. During a “fair fight” between the pair, Astra says that Kara has her mother’s weakness and cruelty. She tells her that her mother was a murderer. Kara comes close to killing her aunt but cannot. Instead she drags her to the DEO, she says that her aunt can rot for all she cares. Alex calls Kara, however and tells her that Astra will only talk to her. She tells Kara that it is time for her to know everything.

Mama Who Bore Me: Astra tells Kara that her mother has blood on her hands. She kept the spy beacon all these years. It was revealed that Alura used the meeting between the pair in order to arrest Astra. Astra begs Kara to help her save Earth because “we’re destroying our planet like Krypton was destroyed.” She tells Kara that she was used, and her mother lied to her. Kara stalks about with Astra yelling that she loves her still. Kara storms into Holo-Mom’s room and demands the truth. Holo-Mom admits that she knew about Astra’s work but doesn’t know if she was right. Kara screams at her that she gave them both a life sentence and doomed Krypton, even firing her heat vision at her. She breaks down in Alex’s arms who tells Kara that she has half a story. But Kara, who idolized her mother, is devastated. Alex, reviewing the tape, realizes that Astra wanted to lose and was planning something to get caught. Alex and Hank go and confront Astra who tells them that it is too late to stop what is happening right now. Suddenly, we see a bunch of Kryptonians flying into Lord Technologies. Lord fires at one with anti-heat vision weapons. A fight breaks out between the DEO and Astra’s army led by Non which is brutal.

Back In The Past: Little Kara was apparently really close with her aunt, who loved the girl back very much. It turns out Astra is some kind of eco-terrorist, and Kara’s mother had severed ties with her. It’s actually some much needed background for the pair. Alura and Astra talked, and it was revealed that Astra knew about Krypton’s destruction. Alura, however, says that the law must be upheld during this time and Astra is arrested.

Cat In The Dog House: Cat’s been hacked, and a bunch of emails have been leaked to the public. They have revealed some embarrassing information, but so far nothing damning. It’s honestly Cat being Cat. In a meeting with the board, however, they are acting like the world is about to end. Using her powers, Kara realizes that the Chairman of the Board has set Cat up to fall. In order to figure out the legal issues, they go to Lucy who despite corporate law not being her forte tells them that they need a paper trail in order to nail Mister White Male Privilege hard. Winn naturally decides that corporate espionage is the way to go. He sends James in to plant some kind of bug on WMP’s computer, which is only good things for James should he get caught. They distract WMP and James is able to plant the bug. He also makes WMP think that he is on the Board’s side should things implode. In one email, it shows that Cat is making monthly payments to an Adam Foster (who will be played by Mr. Melissa Benoist, Blake Jenner). She reveals that Adam is her first and oldest son, who she gave up so he can have a happier life. Cat reveals that it is her greatest regret letting him go so he can have a better life. Kara encourages her to reach out to Adam, but Cat says that she won’t let Adam be dragged into this because of her. She tells Kara that she is going to negotiate a grace and lucrative bow from CatCo. Cat is going to go public and tells Kara that she will always have a job with Cat should she need it. Lucy, Winn, and James come in with some damning evidence. WMP pretty much gets owned by Cat and gets arrested. James apologizes to Winn and says that he didn’t understand his feelings toward Kara. He encourages Winn to be honest with his feelings toward Kara. Later, Cat confronts Kara with evidence that she is Supergirl with all these little “coincidences”. She asks Kara to take off her glasses. Cat thanks Kara for all of her help and calls her Supergirl.

So we have two cliffhangers: a Kryptonian-human battle at Lord Technologies and Cat Grant learning the truth. What a way to start a hiatus!

January 4th cannot come quickly enough!

Bec Heim