Everyone Gets A Little “Red Faced” This Week On Supergirl

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Hello all and welcome to another episode of Supergirl!

Okay. Now that we’ve dealt with the schedule flip-flop, everything can resume its normal scheduled programming. Last week: Lucy and James are giving it a shot. Kara and Alex are suspicious of Henshaw. Cat and Kara have some kind of better relationship.

And this week, we bring in Red Tornado and his terrible make-up along with villainous tendencies.

(Why did he have to be a villain again?)

Control: Kara’s flying over the city to clear her head when she hears two men in the midst of road rage, who almost run over a soccer team. She stops the cars, and one of the assholes tries to punch her. Kara breaks his head. Now everyone thinks she is a ticking time bomb. Maxwell Lord rails against her as and Henshaw tells her that she needs to keep her emotions under control. General Sam Lane is in town, and he’s kind of a major asshole. Henshaw is against it, but an executive order from the president says other ways. Kara’s task? She has to fight Red Tornado, a combat android for the government, invented by Dr. Morrow. Kara uses the test as a way to channel her anger, and accidentally sends the android into self-preservation mode when she doesn’t stand down. Like an asshole, General Lane blames her for this situation. If Clark is dating Lois over in Metropolis, then I applaud his ability to not punch Lane in the face. Lane want’s the Red Tornado found and destroyed before it levels National City. Alex takes the arm that Red Tornado left behind to Lord for help. Lord say thanks but no thanks. Tornado tracks down Lucy and Lane (and James). There is a brief tussle, but the Tornado releases an actual tornado on the city. So Kara pulls a Flash and unspins it, but he’s gone when she finishes. Lane chews her out for letting Red Tornado get away, but Lucy thanks her for saving her life. Henshaw says the Tornado was built to deal with Kryptonians. Lane goes on a rant to make FoxNews proud, and leaves. Lord calls Alex to his office in an intimate dinner situation (wow dude), and tells her that Morrow is using GPS. By, using holographic tech, they project Lane to lure out the Tornado.  Meanwhile, Alex is going to try to take out Morrow. Morrow is wirelessly wired into the Tornado, so Alex has to kill Morrow to stop it. A dual fight breaks out that ends when Alex shoots Morrow. Tornado is still going, and Kara channels her anger into her laser eyes in order to blow him up.

Game Night: At the café, Lucy tells James that her dad is in town and he wants dinner. James knows Lane doesn’t like him very much because of his relationship with Superman. Game Night, or last shred of normal night, is kind of bust that ends with Lucy badmouthing Supergirl. At dinner with Lane, the General does not like James because he doesn’t think he is good enough for her. He says that James aligns himself with special people in the hopes that he will be special, but he isn’t special. Lucy tells the General that she is resigning her commission and is not taking orders from him anymore. James isn’t holding her back. The General, unsurprisingly, acts like an asshole and leaves.

Mother Trouble: Cat’s mother is in town. And she is the Queen of Passive Aggressive. She makes digs at Cat’s work, her media empire, and is generally  just horrible. Cat tries to get her to see her grandson, but isn’t upfront about it. Cat attempts to make plans with her mother but they fall through. Queen Passive Aggressive doesn’t think Cat is up for the sophisticated dinner conversation. In her anger, Cat takes it out on Kara and calls her pathetic over her crush on James. Later, she starts to rip into Kara who snaps and defends herself calling Cat out on her behavior. Kara immediately apologizes. The twoout for drinks where Cat talks to Kara about anger and how women cannot get angry at work. Cat tells Kara that she needs to figure out the root for her anger and deal with it. Kara needs to find the anger behind the anger. Wow. Cat’s drunken advice is amazing. Later Cat’s mother berates Kara for not reading her mind and calling her a car, Cat tells her not to talk to Kara like that.

Cat’s Advice Works: Kara and James meet up to work out their anger. They talk about how hard it is to express it as a woman and as a black man. They punch and name the things that make them angry. Unsurprisingly, General Lane is at the top of that list. Kara, however, reaches the root of her anger. She’s angry that she will never be normal. She suppressed her powers to blend in, and now that’s she is using them it just hits home. Normal ended for her when Krypton died. SOMEONE HUG HER!

Father Drama: Alex comes to CatCo to see Winn so he can hack into the DEO mainframe. Of course, he says no. Until Kara says that it is to figure out what happened to Jeremiah Danvers. Winn reluctantly agrees to do it. Winn digs up deleted files on the op that went south. Apparently, Jeremiah and Henshaw were on a mission, and both were presumed dead, and Henshaw showed up a mouth later totally fine. And there are the red glowy eyes of doom. (Does this mean Jeremiah could be alive?)

Uh-oh: Episode’s end. A glass breaks in Cat’s office and Kara tries to clean it up. Except the glass cuts her and she is bleeding. That can’t be good.

Also, time to celebrate Supergirl getting a full season order!

Bec Heim