David Fincher And Charlize Theron To Collab On Serial Killer Show For Netflix

Credit: Variety
Credit: Variety

David Fincher is returning to the serial killer genre.


It’s been a while since Zodiac and Seven. While Gone Girl gave even Fight Club a run for its money, there hasn’t been a true serial killer hunt from Fincher since The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

That’s about to change.

As Deadline reports, Fincher will be joining with Netflix again for a series titled Mindhunter. Similarly to how Fincher collaborated to create House of Cards with star Kevin Spacey, he’ll be developing Mindhunter with Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron. Also like House of Cards, Fincher has handpicked his screenwriter: Joe Penhall, who is best known as a playwright.

The show, which will be executive produced by Fincher and Theron, will be based on the 1996 book Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, which was written by former special agents John Douglas and Mark Olshaker.

You’ll be surprised to learn that Douglas is actually the man behind the curtain of a number of well-known characters: Jack Crawford and Will Graham of Thomas Harris’ Hannibal trilogy were loosely based on him, as was Jason Gideon on Criminal Minds. Douglas spent many years of his career tracking some of the most notorious killers and rapists. He famously interviewed and studied a handful of them in order to better profile a serial killer.

Mindhunter has actually been in talks for around six years — it was first set-up at HBO with Fincher and Theron executive producing. Fox 21 optioned Douglas and Olshaker’s book, and were to be the studio. Fox 21, however, is no longer involved. Dexter show runner Scott Buck was in talks to write the script, but it’s unlikely he’ll be involved in Mindhunter’s new incarnation. He’s recently become showrunner for another Netflix original, Marvel’s Iron Fist.

Netflix has not commented at this time.

Are you psyched for Mindhunter? A release date is a while away yet.

You can tide yourself over with House of Cards, Fincher’s first collaboration with Netflix, which will return on March 4, 2016.

Emily Suazo