Congrats! Stephen Amell Wins WWE Slammy for Best Celebrity Moment

Credit: WWE
Credit: WWE

Let’s take a moment to forget the cold winter days and take a trip back to this past summer. It was certainly a great one with lots of adventures. For some of us more than for others. One of the biggest moments for Stephen Amell was hishave been his WWE debut.

What started as a social media feud between the Arrow star and WWE’s Stardust earlier this year took a pretty nasty turn this summer: At WWE’s Summer Slam event the actor took matters into his own hands and faced the professional wrestler in the ring.

The event itself was a great night for WWE fans, a huge deal for Arrow fans, and an even more incomprehensible moment for fans of both. But it seems that there was no one out there who enjoyed kicking ass (and getting his ass kicked in return) more than Stephen Amell.

And just last night the WWE fans and really everyone on social media crowned the Amell/Stardust match, or more specifically the moment that Amell jumped onto Rhodes from the top rope (we’re still not over that one to be frank), the Celebrity Moment of the Year at the WWE Slammy Awards. The first Slammy’s go back to 1986 and ever since 2008 they are celebrated annually.

Now if that is a cause for celebration! Amell also took to Twitter to not only immediately update his Twitter bio, but also fire off some tweets regarding the award. We believe he earned the bragging rights fair and square.


But things never go over smoothly. Amell might have won but Stardust was not particularly happy about the outcome. Backstage he quickly recapped Stephen Amell’s incredibly successful year, but not without letting the man himself know that he did not pin Stardust. He then took Amell’s award and ran off in true Stardust fashion. Not one to back down from a challenge, Amell replied via tweet:

Amell may have won the first battle, but the war is far from over. We truly believe that Summer Slam was just the beginning, and that there is going to be a one-on-one match in the future. Maybe even as early as Wrestlemania 32? No matter if you’re a wrestling fan or not, the combination of Amell and Rhodes together is entertaining. And if you were surprised by what Amell brought to the ring at Summer Slam, we are sure the man has many more tricks up his non-existent sleeves. We’re excited to find out!

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