“AKA It’s Called Whiskey”: Jessica Jones Furthers Her Fight Against Kilgrave

Image courtesy of Netflix/Marvel
Credit: Netflix/Marvel

I’m not one for gratuitous sex scenes, but the one that starts out this episode of Jessica Jones is perfect. She has just found out that Luke is like her – gifted – and they both can now be completely comfortable in knowing that they can’t hurt each other. For possibly the first time ever, both Luke and Jessica are able to let go and be themselves to the fullest extent with each other.

Unfortunately, Rubin interrupts them. Rubin is Jessica’s neighbor who lives with an incredibly domineering twin sister, Robyn (I give their parents an F for creativity on those names). Jessica and Robyn have tangled in the past, so it’s safe to say they don’t get along, but Rubin is a nice guy.

After their moment, Luke is still interested in bonding with Jessica – which is apparently a new thing for her. They discuss their powers – Jessica’s being the result of an accident, Luke’s the result of an experiment. Jessica doesn’t press. In discussing their powers, Luke asks if Jessica knows anyone else like them and she immediately closes off. Luke takes a hint. They end up back in bed together, regardless.

Jessica, in all her wisdom, decides to go to Hogarth’s soon-to-be-ex in search of surgical anesthesia for Kilgrave. Needless to say, it doesn’t work. Back to square one, but Jessica is nothing if not resourceful. When she returns to her building and finds a zonked out Malcolm, she hatches a plan. Jessica brings him to the hospital and throws him at a nurse’s cart, distracting the room while she sneaks into a storage closet and luckily finds exactly what she needs. Jessica takes it, and looks apologetically at a handcuffed Malcolm as she passes on her way out.

Luke and Jessica carry on with their romance, but when Jessica tries to bring up Kilgrave’s powers, she essentially gets shot down. He doesn’t believe anyone could have the power of mind control, despite the evidence of people with superhuman gifts. Understandably, Jessica is hurt. If we’re going with the themes of Jessica being a rape survivor and Kilgrave being her abusive rapist, this is essentially Luke telling Jessica that there’s no way she could have been raped, and she must have been asking for it somehow.

Jessica reluctantly enlists the help of Trish, and with very little tact. Jessica thinks it will help Hope’s case if Trish will discuss her situation on her radio show, Trish Talk, and somehow she gets Trish to agree to it. While on the air and discussing Hope’s situation, Trish gets very angry and calls Kilgrave some less-than-flattering epithets, much to Jessica’s horror. Before Jessica can shut the whole thing down, who should call in to the radio show but Kilgrave himself. It’s chilling for everyone – especially Jessica and Hope – to hear his voice. Of course, he doesn’t know Jessica and Hope are listening, so instead he quite obviously threatens to make Trish kill herself.

Trish’s actual “reward” for her on-air slander of Kilgrave comes in the form of Officer Will Simpson. Simpson is controlled by Kilgrave to come to Trish’s apartment and kill her. Luckily Jessica is able to save Trish, and when she confronts Simpson by Trish’s elevator, Simpson tells Jessica that “he said it’s not [her] time.”

Jessica, being the private eye that she is, follows Simpson back to Kilgrave’s current hideaway. After Kilgrave tells Simpson to jump off the roof, Jessica saves him and continues on to Kilgrave. What she finds instead is the stuff of nightmares: a room plastered from floor to ceiling with just photographs of her, taken without her knowledge. It’s clear that Kilgrave has had someone following her for a long time.

After this, against her own desires, Jessica breaks things off with Luke. Despite his powers, it’s too dangerous for him to be involved with her. After all, based on Kilgrave’s photos of her, he already knows of Jessica’s interest in Luke. While Jessica was surveying Luke, someone was watching her, too, on behalf of Kilgrave.