4YE-Mas Days Presents Tis The Episode Before: New Girl’s Christmas Fun

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Ah, Christmas episodes. Almost every TV show has a Christmas special for everyone to enjoy during the Holidays. Some shows have one per season, like New Girl!

Although season three skipped this tradition (but remained faithful to the gang’s yearly Thanksgiving odyssey), we have three New Girl Christmas episodes we can enjoy.

New Girl is a gem of modern TV, and is relatable to a new level – or at least I can relate a lot. It’s one of those comedies that doesn’t need pre-recorded laughs to accompany their jokes and have a lot of quotable lines. I love New Girl.

That’s why I can’t chose just one Christmas episode, and although I did my best to objectively rank them – from a bit less awesome to super awesome – they ended up being in chronological order. Oh well. Here you go:

Season 1, Episode 9: “The 23rd”
Jess is dating her co-worker Paul, and it’s during the holidays when Paul says the three words: “I love you”. Jess’ response? “Thank you”. Ouch.

Meanwhile, Nick must get to the airport on time so he won’t miss his flight home as he has done for the last four years.

The gang attend Schmidt’s Christmas office party, where Paul and Jess come clean about their relationship and eventually break up. A break up before Christmas. Double ouch.

To make things better, on their way to the airport, Nick takes the group to see the lights at the best decorated neighbourhood for Jess to feel better.

This episode is one of the earliest proofs of Nick and Jess’ chemistry and the holiday vibe makes it double beautiful.

Oh, and Stephen Amell has a brief appearance.

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Season 2, Episode 11: “Santa”
The group is trying to attend every Christmas party they have been invited to, but the drama comes in three subplots: Nick and his new girlfriend Angie, Schmidt and Cece, and Jess and Sam.

Angie is adventurous while our very dear Nick is, as Jess puts it, a coward. Schmidt told Cece he loves her and now things are awkward as she doesn’t feel the same way. Sam is trying to get back with Jess who is confused and heartbroken, but eventually realises Sam’s feelings are sincere and they deserve a second chance.

What makes this episode better than the one from Season 1 is that it features my favourite Schmidt moment of all time: stripper Schmidt.

Also, Sam and Jess were my OTP during the whole season, so yeah, this episode plays with my feels big time.

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Season 4, Episode 11: “LAXmas”
Once more, everyone is going home for the holidays, and once more Nick doesn’t make it on time. Give up, Miller!

Jess is dating his co-worker/hot teacher/charming English gentleman, Ryan, who decides she should join him and his family for the holidays. Because why not?!

The airport odyssey is divided in four: Schmidt and Cece get guest passes for the VIP lounge, Winston and Nick are trying to get on the top of the list of passengers as their flight had been delayed, Coach is debating whether to go on vacation all by himself or go visit his family (just because he misses his niece), and Jess is nervous about meeting Ryan’s family and is considering not going.

This episode is a roller coaster but what makes it better is definitely Billy Eichner’s appearance – honestly, you can never go wrong with him. It’s also great because of Schmidt and his never ending love for Cece; this episode has one of the biggest proofs of Schmidt’s feelings for her.

On the other hand, this one is post-Nick and Jess, which adds to the weirdness of Jess and Ryan’s sudden relationship (or at least most of us
New Girl fans felt it was weird). I must confess I have mixed feelings on Nick and Jess: a part of me loved them together, the other wishes they never had gotten together. Still, I love that in this episode there’s yet one more proof of how much Nick has always cared for Jess and viceversa.

Ok, you know what? I want these two back together, please. Please!

Also, dirty-creepy Santa was something I was not expecting.

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New Girl is my favourite comedy currently on TV and I can’t wait to see what season 5 will bring. Hopefully, the new season will include a Christmas episode and with luck, Nick will finally make it to his flight on time.

Now go get your dose of happiness with these Christmas episodes. I guarantee you will laugh and your soul will be pleased.

Happy holidays!