Time For Supergirl To Take “Fight Or Flight” Against Reactron In This Week’s Episode

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Welcome back to the Supergirl!

When we saw our hero, she was giving her boss a fight for an interview. Now, it’s time to see how the consequences of it will play out.

So it’s time to put up our dukes for “Fight or Flight” in this week’s show.

Supergirl Exposed: So Cat gets her interview with Supergirl. It goes…um…not very well. Kara tries really hard to be official. But the only thing Cat really learns about her is that Superman is her cousin (after asking the hated “So any plans to start a family?” thing). Cat declares to Kara she is writing an expose on Supergirl in two days with a special magazine and launch party. Cat’s attempts at writing an article are not going very well as she is hearing a high pitched hum that only she can hear. So Cat’s big “article” is essentially yet another article crapping on the millennial generation. You know what? Screw you, Cat Grant. Kara, in her nice way, tries to make Cat see the tone could be nicer. Cat says Supergirl will just end up calling Superman like every other millennial calling Mommy and Daddy (ugh) while Kara says that it’s not like that. Everyone in the world thinks of Superman, but Supergirl wants people to think it is okay to think of her as well. At the party, Winn saves Kara from an epic chew out by Cat and asks for a dance in return. We also see Cat and Lord hate flirt with each other, and he asks about how Cat got in contact with Supergirl. Alex reads the article and says deep beneath Cat’s seething disdain she respects Supergirl. Kara says that she doesn’t need Supergirl to be a hero, but she needs her sister. And oh it’s so sweet.

CAPTAIN OF THE SHIP: Kara enjoys breakfast when Alex joins her. James comes over to say hello, and Alex is clearly not thrilled about him knowing about Kara or her job. Alex immediately hops on the Kara/Jimmy ship. Alex warns Kara about revealing herself, and the news reports about the whole cousin situation. Whoops. James is not happy when Kara tries to take on Reactron on her own. Kara finds out James called Superman because he was concerned. James tells her that he’s sorry that’s mad, but he’s not sorry she is still alive. Alex tries to comfort her, but Kara feels like she isn’t allowed be the hero of her own story. Alex tells her that her story is starting and it will get better in time to the point where she saves Kara. Then she gives Kara a kickass pretty dress. While dancing, James said that him calling Superman had nothing to do with her and everything to do with him. He said he calls Superman when it gets scary and he was scared to lose her. Kara says she isn’t scared and asks what is so bad about falling. And then…Reactron crashes their moment.  After Kara defeats Reactron, James comes running over and tells her that he knew she would save the day. And…nothing. Dammit! Alex declares herself Captain of the Kara/James ship. The next day, Kara comes in to see James talking to Lucy Lane. And wow. It gets awkward. Lucy wants to get dinner and talk, saying she didn’t like the way things ended. Kara is clearly upset.

What About Supes? While trying to figure out what to do about Reactron, James tells Kara to call her cousin for her help. Kara refuses to because she’s not going to call him in when things get difficult. During the conversation, James lets “Clark” slip out with Winn learning that Clark Kent is Superman. (And his fanboyish shock is adorable.) Kara says that ultimately she will be defined by her victories and losses no one else’s. But seriously Clark, call your cousin. Well he comes to save her life from his supervillain so…that’s something.  Superman sends smiley emojis and tells Kara she is doing great. After all, she defeated Reactron which really was a job for Supergirl. He also promises not save Supergirl again.

Well This Isn’t Good: Henshaw tells Kara off for giving the interview to Cat before someone stops him with news of a multi-car pile-up. Somewhere in a junk yard, supervillain Reactron sees the news about Superman and Supergirl being related. He ends up going after to Kara after she sees a bus driver from a multi-car pile-up. A fight ensues because he wants to make Superman suffer. Kara disables him with a car door. After the fight, Kara tries to get the DEO involved. Since Reactron is human and using human tech, however, Henshaw doesn’t go for it. At CatCo, Winn takes Kara and James to their base of operations (an office where some guy died and no one wants anymore) to figure out what to do about Reactron. Winn has written an algorithm to find him based on radiation levels. Henshaw gets the red glowy eyes of doom and goes to see Alex who is using DEO resources to help Kara. Alex says she cannot separate human or alien because her little sister needs her. Henshaw asks her how they will defeat Reactron. Then Reactron crashes the CatCo party demanding to see Supergirl. Kara runs to get changed and rescues Lord. James distracts Reactron by saying killing him would hurt Superman. Alex says that she needs to rip out the nuclear core powering the suit from Reactron but she needs to encase it in lead first. Kara encases her hand in lead and when Reactron gets close enough she rips the core from his chest. Henshaw says in the future they’ll have to help Supergirl again.

Hello Maxwell Lord: Lord is trying to make a faster, eco-friendlier train to help National City and the environment. Of course while in the middle of this, Reactron comes in and tries to kidnap a scientist. Rather than having his employee kidnapped, Lord steps up to be taken. Kara sees the attack on the news and flies over to Lord’s company where a scientist tells her what happened. A day later, Kara still hasn’t found Maxwell Lord but Alex has come to help! In the new secret base, Alex has an identity for Reactron, a nuclear engineer whose wife died in a near meltdown that Superman stopped. Lord proves to be a surprisingly calm and snarky hostage, easily telling what’s wrong with Reactron at a glance. It turns out the guy may die soon without his equipment. Lord offers to help Reactron find a normal life, but Reactron is pretty set on revenge. Kara goes to save Lord and talk to Reactron like a sensible person, but Reactron isn’t very interested. On the pulse side, Kara is able to help Lord escape. She pretty much gets her ass soundly beat. Afterwards, Maxwell attributes his rescue to Superman.

Bec Heim