This Week We Learn Heroes Are “Stronger Together” On Supergirl

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Welcome back to the second week of Supergirl!

After a really intense start, I want to see if the pacing improves as the story grows. Why? They already have the absolutely charming characters who I adore down pat.

Also dear God, Mehcad Brooks and his velvety voice are making me yell “GET IT KARA” at the television. I assume my neighbors are concerned.

Let’s recap, shall we?

Testing, Testing, Testing: Before Kara can work with the DEO officially, she needs to go through mandatory physical and psychological evaluations. Henshaw decides missiles will work nicely, which Kara easily outflies. Alex tells her that he’s brusque with everyone, and she needs a full year of training before going out into the field. Alex is also happy she doesn’t have to keep this from her sister anymore. Wynn calls her about a fire down the pier. Kara struggles with blowing out the fire, and goes to move the ship instead to get the people out the way. The ship’s bow breaks and oil comes out.

Metropolis Problems: Welp. Kara caused a minor ecological incident, and now has bad press coverage because of it. Wynn tries to be comforting, but it’s clear Kara feels horrible about what happened. Not helping matters is Maxwell Lord Cullen (sorry bro, you were in Twilight). Cat Grant, fresh from boozy breakfast with the Notorious RBG, is unimpressed by Supergirl’s superheroics, regardless if Superman made mistakes. Cat wants an interview, and tries to exploit James’ connection to get it. After the meeting, Cat tells Kara to get her head out of the clouds. Kara tells James the interview is not happening as Cat would recognize her. James said that it wouldn’t happen, and gives her a pep talk. Awkward flirting abound!

There’s Evil Aface: There’s some guy with a face from my nightmares eating poor security guards. Alex calls in Kara to look at the body and use her knowledge of species to identify them. Kara remembers the species of criminal her mother caught, and identifies it. Evil Kryptons catch up to face-hugger guy, who wants to go loner. Astra wants to use him as bait for his disloyalty so she can catch Kara. Face-hugger needs chlorine to survive, and they plan to lure him out with dinner. It works, kind of, and Alex gets captured. Kara gets the call about Alex being abducted and she is pissed at Henshaw. We also learn that Henshaw’s family is dead. Back with Alex and Astra, we learn that twins were rare on Krypton and Astra wants to “save” Earth. Kara arrives and attempts to save her sister, but Astra punches her in the face. Kara believed that Astra was dead, but Astra said she was imprisoned for speaking the truth. Whatever relationship the pair had is pretty much gone as they go head to head. Alex engages in simultaneous battle with the face-hugger, who she dispatches. The battle between Kara and Astra is goddamn glorious, and Kara uses Astra’s strength against her. Henshaw appears and stabs Astra with Kryptonite knife. Kryptonite is now known to the bad guys, which is not good for Kara.

Come At Me, Sis: So Kara does not get cocky in her powers, Alex takes her into a room for fight training. Weakened by Kryptonite emitters, Kara gets her ass soundly handed to her. She leaves the fight frustrated. In a talk with Cat, Kara gets some good advice about starting small and working her way up. And also the reminder that because she’s a woman, everyone is going to judge her twice as hard for half the work. So in order to get better, then she needs to refine her technique like everyone has to (nice working in Cat’s comic origins as well). She calls James and Wynn, who learn the other knows, for help.  Taking Cat’s advice, Supergirl goes a little more normal: ambulance saving, pizza robbery, snake up a tree. James was hoping that since opinion turned to Supergirl’s favor that Cat doesn’t want the interview anymore, but she does. She even threatens his job to get it. Cat Grant gets her interview with Supergirl via the whole lift up and fly the car away trick.

Stronger Together: Alex comes to see Kara and apologize for what happened at the DEO. Part of her still sees Kara as the scared girl that came to live with their family. Kara says she needs Alex’s faith in her as Kara more than anything else if she can do this. After Cat’s ultimatum to James, Kara offers to do the interview for him because she doesn’t want to see him fired. James says that it’s not because of that, not really. It was just he got famous because of something totally unrelated to him happening, who knew versus what he could do. He wanted to be seen for James, and not the cape. Kara shares about Krypton, where it was the house that mattered not the individual. She tells him the motto of the “S”, which is “Stronger Together”. Kara tells him that she doesn’t want to go into being a hero alone, but that she wants others beside her as well. Her cousin doesn’t know any other way, but she does and this is what she wants. After the battle, Kara goes to Alex and says she needs to be as good as her in order to fight. Alex tells her that she will always have faith in Kara, and that her heart defines her more than anything else. Alex takes Kara to her own fortress of solitude where she can commune with her ancestors. In this case? It is an A.I. in the form of her mother, and the first thing she asks for her is a hug. (OH GOD THE FEELINGS!) She then asks for information on her Aunt Astra. Alex thanks Henshaw for the help, which he says is the least he can do. And he has glowy red eyes. Not good.

We’ll see what happens next week when the expose goes live

Bec Heim