4YE Gives Thanks: Things That Christina Is Thankful For

Credit: Google Images
Credit: Google Images
Thanksgiving is one of the holiday’s that I love. Not because of the traditional family recipes that my mother makes every year, but the memories I cherish and love to look back on.
There are a few things I’m thankful for are here a few reasons why:
1-My immediate family. I don’t know what I’d do without them. They’re my backbone and  I’m so lucky to have them in my life because they’ve been with me since the second I was born because of the humble background I’ve had being born severely premature. They kept fighting for me no matter what happened, and they still fight for me with what medical issue I have that might come up. My family ALWAYS has looked out for me and still do.
2- My home. Nothing makes me thankful and happier than me coming home from a long day at work, to a warm, cozy, beautiful house with a half an acre backyard, that is very comforting to the eye.  I don’t live in a mansion but a small upper class house in a very quiet rural area.But also 3 miles away from a huge shopping plaza and 30 minutes away from Nashville, TN
3- My fan-site Hiddles Goddesses-You must be asking WHY ON EARTH would I be thankful for a fan-site dedicated to actor Tom Hiddleston. Well here are a two reasons why:
              1- The fans. Where would I be without my loving, caring, dedicated fans of my site who some have been on the site since day one, about four years ago! On the Internet, I’ve never met so many people who are from around the world who are supportive of my site.And I feel very loved.
               2- Tom Hiddleston. Now you REALLY MUST BE THINKING why would I partially put to the ‘Things I’m thankful for’ an actor? He’s more than just your typical actor. He’s an actor who TRULY adores his fans from the bottom of his heart. Tom loves to be interactive with his fans. No matter what event he goes to or if he’s on break from filming. He really makes sure he takes the time to be with every fan. eI wouldn’t have thought of my fan site in the first place if it wasn’t for him.
4- Food and Water. One of the things I’m mostly thankful  and grateful for is having hot food served on the table for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This also goes for having clean water available.This also goes for having hot water for when I take a shower My heart truly goes out for those who aren’t able to have these amenities for them. That they all should have food  and not suffer with deadly diseases, have malnutrition, etc.
In conclusion, these are the things that I’m most thankful for in my life. I couldn’t ask for more.