The Mindy Project: Mindy Teaches Us All Some Life Lessons

This week on The Mindy Project, one of my favorite doctors returns to New York! Mindy is stressed to the max this week, and it is showing. From a possibly failing business venture to caring for Leo by herself, it seems like the sky might be falling. However, with Danny struggling to care for his ill, estranged father, Mindy feels guilty whining or complaining about the trouble she has. Never fear, though, the office gang is always around to help.

While Mindy struggles being a “single” mother during Danny’s stay in California, Dr. Peter Prentice (Adam Pally) shows up on her doorstep. During her time alone, Mindy quickly realizes that Danny does a lot around the house; like, a lot. Still, she can’t say anything because she wants to keep Danny’s trip as worry-free as possible.

Oh, Peter… Goofy, childish, needy Peter—and I mean that in the best way. Like any grown man-child, Peter relies on Mindy for constant entertainment. Jeremy, being the kind soul he is, steps in to take Peter off Mindy’s hands for a night. After inviting the feuding duo, Tamra and Collette, this foursome is surely in for an interesting night that ends with Jeremy telling Peter he is a terrible friend. As bros do, they of course make up by the end of the episode.


Credit: Hulu
Credit: Hulu

Over at Mindy’s fertility clinic, she and Morgan brace themselves for a meeting with their financial advisor. Um…. Oops. It seems that the fertility clinic is spending more money than it is making, thanks to the “Later, Baby” launch party that was poorly attended. The two receive a warning that if they do not bring in more patients ASAP, they will go under.

Dr. Jody overhears the problems the Lahiri Fertility Clinic is suffering and offers to step in and help, but Mindy will not have it. He may have good intentions (there’s no way to really know), but Mindy still does not trust him after their rocky start. I guess his volunteering to watch Leo last week didn’t help that situation! Still, he pitches Mindy and Morgan a solid plan to enhance their business, in exchange for 50% of the business. Mindy refuses, hauling some spectacular insults his way, and decides to use his idea anyway.


Credit: Hulu
Credit: Hulu

As Mindy prepares for her big “Later Baby” presentation at NYU, one thing after another goes wrong. Dr. Jody finds out they stole his idea and derails their planning session. However, when Mindy oversleeps the next day, she arrives at NYU to find Dr. Jody giving a captivating presentation on “Later Baby,” Mindy’s campaign to get women in their 20’s to freeze their eggs.

However, his question-and-answer segment is hijacked when a young woman calls him out (in front of the whole auditorium, might I add) for sleeping around with the underclassmen on campus. Several of the attendees stand up and admit that they, too, had sex with Dr. Jody.

First of all, whoa. I honestly didn’t see this coming, and the whole thing is kind of weird, as Mindy points out. She calls him a creep and emphasizes that it is not okay for him to be sleeping with 18 year-olds. However, his admission to guilt and the girls’ disgust with him give Mindy the boost she needs to save her presentation and her business.

In a touching speech about our (women’s) bodies getting older, and our eggs not waiting for us to find the right man, Mindy’s unique personality shines through while also highlighting her intelligence. She finds a message that really resonates with her audience, and it is a great moment for her.

“Being an adult is messy and hard,” she says. “It’s not just all smiley face emojis wearing sunglasses.” Preach!

No one is more surprised by Mindy’s successful speech than Mindy herself. Morgan watches like a proud mother hen, and even Dr. Jody gives a nod of approval, not that she cares.

Later on, Dr. Jody FINALLY removes Mindy’s episiotomy stitches and they have a frank conversation, where she admits she misses Danny and needs help. In a moment of kindness, Dr. Jody assures her that it is OK to admit to needing help. ‘It takes a village’ kind of thing, ya know?

“Wait, are you nice?” Mindy asks, disgusted.

“Shh,” Dr. Jody responds.

Mindy’s heart seems to grow three sizes, and she offers Dr. Jody partnership in her practice. They decide to split the profits they will eventually have at 50, 40, and 10 percent, because even Morgan deserves some compensation for all of his hard work.

In a full circle moment, Mindy finally tells Danny that she is stumbling along, having avoided any complaining to him during his difficult time. Like the compassionate and loving man he is, Danny calls and the two have a conversation that extends beyond yes-or-no questions and emojis. Sometimes all it takes to make things better is a little communication.

This episode seemed as frazzled as Mindy, but her sass was on point. I really enjoyed the sarcasm and insults that made up most of Mindy’s dialogue throughout the twenty-two minutes. Dr. Jody turned out to be as creepy as we all thought he’d be, so congrats to us on calling it from the get-go! I don’t have any super strong feelings on this episode, but I will say it didn’t infuriate me like last’s weeks, so I’ll take that as a win.

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