The End Is Near: New Allegiant Trailer Is Released


Credit: Tumblr
Credit: Tumblr

We waited and the movie gods delivered. The new trailer for the third installment of The Divergent Series: Allegiant is finally here! But, as usual with cinematographic adaptations of books, we have more questions than answers.

The second part of the series, Insurgent, came out earlier this year, and the last thing we saw of our main characters, Tris and Four, was them deciding to leave the City of Chicago – which we learned was an experiment to ‘heal’ humanity – to find out what’s beyond the wall. In Allegiant we see them running towards the wall, yes, there will be lots of running. Now the duo has to find out the whole truth about their city and themselves. Tris is once again ‘the one’.

Watch the trailer here:

Now it’s time for me to dissect the trailer a little because I just really want to torture myself with the differences I can already see the movie will have from the third, and favorite book. Although, I can’t complain too much, because Veronica Roth did say changes would be made. After all, she’s deeply involved in the making of the movies, and she agreed to change the name of the fourth and final film, from Allegiant Part 2 to Ascendant.

If you haven’t read the book and don’t want to be spoiled I suggest you stop reading now.

Since you have now been warned, let’s break this review down for you:

Tris and Four are still very much in love (No surprise there).

Beyond the wall looks like an entirely different planet.

There’s some impressive technology being used beyond the wall that was never mentioned in the book. High-tech aircraft and guns? Check. Star Wars vibe? Definitely check.

Creepy Bureau kids greeting Four. They are literally watching him.

There are a few other notable change: like the fact that the Bureau wants to destroy Chicago instead of erasing the people’s memories. Weird. Maybe better for blockbuster purposes.

Also, why does it feel like most of the events included in the book will be shown in this movie instead of saving some for Ascendant? Are we gonna get a whole new chapter to the story in the fourth movie? We can only wait and see.

Don’t fort to check out the new promo posters below:




The Divergent Series: Allegiant comes out March 2016.