Thanksgiving Sends The Drama Sparking On “Livewire” In This Week’s Supergirl

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Hello Supergirl fans.

Before I start this recap, I just want to say that due to the devastating and tragic attacks on Paris this past week, the episode of Supergirl tonight will be “Livewire,” which was meant to air next week. Due to the plot of episode involving terrorists and bombs, CBS felt it best to remove the episode out of respect to the tragedies in Paris.

We can never bring back those lives taken, but we can help heal those affected in the attacks with compassion, understanding, and kindness. Here is a link to the Red Cross and links to French relief organizations who are working to help.

Now with this somber opening finished, let’s talk about “Livewire”.

Mama’s Home: In the DEO headquarters, Kara gets into a fight with an escaped alien prisoner. Alex is at the apartment freaking out over their mother’s impending visit, thinking that their mom will not be happy about Kara’s superheroics. Alex believes that she will get the blame over it to Kara’s confusion about the situation. Kara tells Alex to tell Eliza the truth about her work, and that a good part of her life was spent protecting Kara. Watching a report on Supergirl, Eliza reveals that she isn’t thrilled about Kara being Supergirl. She tells Alex that they both know people aren’t as good as Kara wants them to be, and that Alex was supposed to protect her. Alex says that Kara makes her own decisions, and leaves to go to work.

At dinner, Alex with some liquid courage confesses everything to her mom about her job. Eliza is not happy about it, and tells Alex so. Alex takes off angrily while Kara confronts Eliza over it. She decided to become Supergirl, and Alex has been her support through it. Eliza tells her that it’s more complicated than that, and Kara gets a text from Cat giving her a chance to go. Kara takes it.

When Alex comes home, Eliza and Alex have a talk. Eliza says she treated Kara differently because Kara lost everything from her home while Alex is her daughter. Eliza wanted Alex to be better than her, and that Alex was always her Supergirl. Eliza says there is something she needs to tell them, but the DEO calls Alex in. At the end of the visit, Eliza reveals that Jeremiah worked about the DEO in order to protect Kara and keep her with them. She also reveals that Jeremiah died under Henshaw’s command. The girls are definitely prepared to find out what happened to Jeremiah.

Thanksgiving: Winn has plans for an Orphan (Black) Thanksgiving. Kara, feeling awful for him, invites him over to her place for Friends-giving. Later, she asks James to come as well since he’s not going home. Presumably something happened between him and Lucy because they are a couple now. So he’ll be spending Thanksgiving with her. The actual meal is very awkward because Alex is drinking. Kara tries to make the meal less uncomfortable but a phone call from James interrupts it. He calls to wish her a happy Thanksgiving and to find out how it’s going handling Eliza and Alex. When Alex and Eliza start fighting, Winn beats a hasty retreat. Bro, I feel you. Later, Winn tells Kara he is thankful for her. More importantly, he tells her about his father, who is in prison.

AWWWWWW (well shit): We get a flashback this week! Still new to Earth, Kara takes her big sister flying while Eliza and Jeremiah spend some time downstairs. Of course when they return, they are in huge trouble about Kara using her powers and Alex not stopping her. Kara tries to stand up for Alex, but Alex is supposed to know better. Then there is knock on the door and the girls are sent upstairs. The person on the other end of the door? Hank Henshaw and the DEO, who want to take Kara in so they can have their Kryptonian. (Since for some reason Superman won’t work with them. GEE I WONDER WHY.) Jeremiah, to protect his family, offers his services as the Superman expert instead.

Shocking Pun Here: Leslie Willis is National City’s shock jock and has decided to go after Supergirl. In a really vile piece, she insults Supergirl’s body and her sexuality and generally makes me feel all gross. Apparently, despite not being Supergirl’s number one fan, Cat Grant doesn’t like it either and demotes Leslie to becoming the traffic reporter.

Leslie’s first assignment takes her up in a helicopter in a lightning storm. Predictably, bad stuff happens. It cumulates in Kara getting struck by lightning which channels through her body and into Leslie. In the hospital, Kara and Cat (in a roundabout way) talk about their guilt regarding Leslie’s accident. Leslie wakes up and escapes from the hospital, electrocuting some random drunk harasser outside the hospital and escaping through a lamplight.

At CatCo, the newly named (and having serious adapted to villainy) Livewire tries to kill Cat and Supergirl. Supergirl, however, saves Cat’s life. Livewire is temporarily gone, but causing blackouts all over the city. Henshaw says that with the lightning passing through Kara’s body it changed Leslie. How? Comic book science. Later, Kara and Cat meet and Cat says she can be bait to draw out Leslie. The DEO has some kind of Ghostbusters containment unit. After Cat lures out Leslie, a battle between Supergirl and Livewire occurs where Supergirl just tells the taunting Livewire to shut up and it’s the best thing ever. Livewire tries to kill Supergirl after the Ghostbusters device failed, but Kara uses a water pipe to disable her powers.

Mothers and Daughters: After Livewire’s attack and the DEO clearing out, Kara decides to stay with Cat. In a surprisingly moving heart to heart between the two, they share a bit about their histories. Kara shares about her parents dying in a “fire”, while Cat shares about never living up to her mother’s exacting standards. She said that she probably should have held Leslie up to a higher standard as well because Leslie became Livewire long ago. Cat says that she needs to talk to Supergirl, and suddenly Kara has to go. The next day (?), Kara brings in Cat her usual morning routine. Cat tells Kara that in the future she is going to try to get to know Kara better, and (heavily implies) not make the same mistakes she did with Leslie. Yay! Character development!

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