Strictly Come Dancing: Who Waved A Glittery Farewell?

Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

Welcome to a new week, friends, and we do hope you’re all ready for our little trip up north. Yes, Blackpool is finally upon us, but first of all there’s last night’s elimination to discuss.

The more the show goes on, the more we see a very clear divide between the frontrunners and the rest of the group. There seems to be a natural pattern for the eliminations to follow; let’s see if that actually happens.

Last night’s results show was pretty dull, to be honest. During Lens Lens we took a look at Jamelia’s Samba hands, which were all wrong, apparently, and Anita’s Quickstep footwork, which was good, but not quite all there. Some people played music while the pro’s did their thing, but we couldn’t tell you who. Bring on next week, when Take That perform, and the week after, when Adam Lambert takes to the stage.

Anyway. Jamelia and Tristan were announced as the first couple in the dance-off, which was hardly a surprise. She could be a whole lot better if she tried a little harder. Shortly after that, it was announced that Jeremy and Karen would be joining them.

Of course, it was a foregone conclusion that Jeremy would be going home, but it was still quite sad. Craig was lovely, and made a point of saying that he knows how hard Jeremy has worked and how serious he’s taken it all. He was also first on his feet to applaud him at the end of the show.

While it was definitely his time, based on effort and likeability he would have trounced Jamelia any day. Still, it’s a dance competition so them’s the rules. So Jamelia heads to Blackpool where she will end up being eliminated, we would have thought. Lovely Katie will probably go the following week and from there, it’s anyone’s guess.

So far the judges have been unanimous in their decisions each week, but that surely won’t continue once we get down to the final six? What a great competition we have!