Strictly Come Dancing: Who Waltzed Into the Quarter Finals?

Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

We are down to the final six! Hard to believe that there’s only three weeks left of the Strictly competition. Whatever will we do without it? Here’s a run down of last nights results show.

There was a great opening number from our pros, which featured Tristan. We approve. We miss Tristan on our screens already. His cheeky Irish charm wins us over each and every time.

After the obligatory look back at all of Saturday nights proceedings (as if we’d forgotten already), we moved on to the first dance-off announcement. Now, we knew it was going to be tricky, given the calibre of those left, but we did feel sad when Kellie and Kevin were announced as the first pair to face the judges again. Sad, but not altogether surprised given that it’s happened to them before. Even so, their Salsa was great on Saturday and they didn’t deserve to land in the bottom two. Then again, who did?

A brief interlude, for Lens Lens and also a performance from the incomparable Adam Lambert. He was excellent as always and we are smug that we already have tickets for his UK gigs next year. It also gave Karen and Kevin a chance to show us a great contemporary routine.

Back to our dancing couples and to the surprise of no one, Peter and Janette were the other couple in the dance-off. Funny to think Peter was hot favourite at the beginning, before Jay met Aliona and we discovered that Georgia is an amazing dancer. It was his time to go, really, and the judges all agreed.

So it’s farewell to Peter and on to next week, which is musical themed. Praise everything! Who do you think will lift that glitter ball on December 19th? We’re still rooting for Jay or Georgia.