Strictly Come Dancing: Blackpool Delivers A Perfect Paso and Sexy Salsa!

Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

Oh Blackpool, how we love thee. There’s something uniquely charming about the town, and when Strictly goes there for it’s annual visit, each and every one of the couples up their game. Last night was no exception, so let’s take a look back.

Jay and Aliona: Opening the night with a Salsa, Jay and Aliona really set the tone for the evening. It was fun, flirty and very, very fast. Jay once again proved what an incredible dancer he can be. Score: 36

Jamelia and Tristan: There was a massive amount of content to this Quickstep, and Jamelia made a noticeable effort with her footwork. However, her top line was wrong, there was a lot of gapping issues and really? If we were dancing the Quickstep with someone as delightfully charming and hilarious as Tristan, we’d be a little happier about it. Score: 31

Anita and Gleb: Much has been made over their Paso Doble this week, and they certainly delivered. This was just stunning. We think she deserved more 10’s, to be honest, but even so, she landed a very respectable score. This was fierce, dark, heavy and really, really amazing. Score: 37

Katie and Anton: Their American Smooth brought all the glamour of old-school Hollywood to the Tower Ballroom. This dance suited both of them; elegant, classy and delightful to watch. Score: 35

Peter and Janette: Peter had the Jive, which he was good at, but not great. It lacked punch and we know we’ll sound like Craig here, but what was going on with his hand placement? Peter winds up at the bottom of the leaderboard this week. Score: 29

Georgia and Giovanni: They also danced the American Smooth and it was just gorgeous. The song was cut to shreds, which annoyed us, but Georgia shone like a dazzling diamond. She is an amazing dancer. This is the couple to beat and the pairing? Talk about friendship goals! Score: 38

Helen and Aljaz: Again, there’s been a lot of attention given to this couple and their Charleston but unlike Anita, Helen didn’t deliver. There was missed timings and it lacked personality though to be honest, he cause would be helped if her face moved. Score: 34

Kelli and Kevin: They ended our night with an utterly brilliant Quickstep. From beginning to end, it was light, free and fun. Loved it. Score: 37