Peter Jackson Heads To Doctor Who….Sort Of: Director Teases Joining The Series

Credit; YouTube
Credit; YouTube

Colour us excited if this is a confirmation of sorts.

Any fan of director Peter Jackson knows that the Oscar winner is a hardcore Whovian. He has the Seventh Doctor’s outfit in a shrine in his house and even cast Sylvester Mccoy in The Hobbit trilogy as a wizard.

It’s not too far fetched to see him join the series as a director, as it has been teased and speculated upon over and over again through out this year. Whovians all over the world practically beside themselves and begging the fame director to swap the Shire for the TARDIS.

Jackson may finally have heard those wishes and seems to be confirming that he is heading to Cardiff to direct an upcoming episode of Doctor Who. The director took to Facebook and shared this video.

Jackson may a) be trolling fans or b) legitimately confirming he’s going to do Doctor Who in the near future. Either way, this is a fun video to watch as it features Peter Capaldi as Twelve and a Dalek. The fact that they included him and took the time to include makes hard not to take it as a confirmation.

So is Jackson on board? This Whovian would love that, and it may make for some light fun times considering the dreary tone the show has taken recently. Jenna Coleman’s Clara just said goodbye to the TARDIS, and Twelve is currently going at it alone.

Only time will tell on this. In the meantime, Doctor Who will finish its ninth series this Saturday, with the season finale “Hell Bent.” The episode airs at 9 p.m. ET on BBC America.


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