New Arrow/Flash Crossover Promo Drops Huge (Paternity) Bomb

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

While many people, not only in the United States but all over the world, used yesterday to give their thanks, New Zealand casually drops not only one, but two new promos for the upcoming Flash/Arrow crossover event.

This week was hard enough to survive without the masked heroes on our screens, but what we were presented with yesterday might make it even harder to wait any longer. Foreign promos are usually a bit on the spoiler-y side, but these ones certainly take the cake.

The promo for the Flash portion of the crossover seems rather tame. We get a closer look at the increasingly improving relationship between Oliver and Barry. Their dynamic has always been extremely entertaining to watch, starting with Oliver’s obvious jealousy in season two of Arrow over mutual bonding times to a friendly, yet irritated state of being. In the promo, Barry hilariously teases Oliver whether he is cold without sleeves on his leather suit. For us at least, we don’t really mind less fabric. Neither does Oliver apparently, as he states that he “does not get cold”.

We are also offered a short glimpse at villain-of-the-day Vandal Savage who manages to get the heroes into a tricky situation. When Oliver asks for any ideas, Barry counters with a quick “Now you’ll listen to me?” It is his city after all. These two bickering idiots are the reason we fell in love with both shows respectively, but together they’re something completely new and altogether different. And we love it.

Now what really shocked the world – or rather the Arrow fandom – was the promo that had been released for the Arrow part of the crossover. Never have 16 seconds felt longer. Barry drops the first bomb right away, telling Oliver that he is “pretty sure [Oliver is] someone’s father”. BOOM!

This is the moment we have been waiting for ever since the show introduced one of Oliver’s former flings. The girl, Sandra, ended up pregnant but was paid off by the devious Moira Queen to leave Starling City. She fled to Central City and now Oliver is meeting his son, William. The promo also offers a first look at the now 7 year old boy.

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

Credit: Tumblr

With the introduction of William comes a whole new set of problems and factors to think about. The most pressing one, will Oliver tell his team about his son? Especially as his relationship with Felicity could be put to the test. However, Emily Bett Rickards herself believes that Oliver’s child will not necessarily be a problem for the couple. “I don’t think she would be upset about the child, I think she would be upset about the fact that there is another secret, there is another player to his life”, she said at a convention earlier this year in Paris.

But what about all the other people in his life? How will Thea feel about being an aunt? What will Laurel say, knowing Oliver had impregnated a girl while being with her? Will Oliver and Diggle share a meaningful conversation about parenthood? What effect does this reveal have on Oliver’s identity, both public and private? We can’t wait to get all the answers.

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