Mindy Plays A Widow In This Week’s The Mindy Project

After last week’s husband fiasco with Dr. Jody, I was feeling optimistic about Tuesday’s episode of The Mindy Project. The fourth season of the show, its first on Hulu, has been a rollercoaster ride for me, honestly. This week was no different. Last week’s happiness led to this week’s noncommittal shrug.

Credit: Hulu
Credit: Hulu


With Danny still out of town, Mindy misses him more every day. He refuses to give Mindy an update on a possible ETA for his return, but tells her that he may be back by Christmas. This is travesty because that means there are three Reese’s peanut butter cup shapes to come out before then. (Good touch, by the way. That’s how I measure the year, too.)

The crew at Shulman & Associates is growing tired of hearing about Danny’s absence, and tries to encourage Mindy to enjoy her life and her time with Leo. They are mostly supportive, but hearing someone whine all the time can be exhausting. Peter, who is still in town and was the brightest spot in the episode, attempts to get Mindy out of the house to go party with him. Unfortunately, she already has plans to watch Dora the Explorer with Leo, and Peter’s already seen the episode.

Mindy spends a good portion of the episode wallowing over missing Danny, and doesn’t keep it a secret from him. He asks if she has been keeping up with housework, etc., and also inquires if Mindy sold her own apartment yet. She has an “oh shit” moment and, even though she does not want to sell her apartment, decides to pass the time by having an open house.

Because of who she is as a person, Mindy is in the market for a rich person she can convince to buy her apartment. To achieve her goal, she goes to an exclusive club where she could not gain membership and asks to hang her flier on the bulletin board. Miss Priss behind the counter won’t allow her to, and not even when Kevin Smith recognizes Mindy does the woman warm to her.

“This is something my fiancée would normally do, but he’s gone” seem to be the magic words that help Mindy get her way. When a man named James overhears her plea, he offers to hang the poster for her, and laments that his wife is gone too, so he feels for her. Self-centered Mindy thanks the man for his help, but does not see the man’s own poster, which is for a bereavement support group.

Peter and Mindy prep the apartment for the open house, and Peter asks Mindy if she really wants to sell it. The effort seems worth it when the first interested buyers arrive: James and his older friend, Loretta, who is seeking a new place to live. Throughout the conversation, Peter learns that James and Loretta believe that Mindy is a grieving widow. After the woman makes an offer – 10% above asking price – they invite Mindy to their support group, and she eagerly accepts, because she is too afraid Loretta will back out on the offer.

Back at the office, Tamra bails on her turn to wait for the “medical waste guy,” Gordon, and will not tell the group what her other plans are. It is not until Collette sees a poster advertising a gig of Tamra’s that she and Morgan learn about her musical success. Wanting to support their coworker and hear her music, they decided to ditch waiting for Gordon and go to the gig together.

At the gig, they realize the reason Tamra did not want them to come: all her music is based on Morgan and their short-lived romance. The songs are actually very catchy and Xosha Roquemore is pretty good! However, Morgan takes this as a sign that she is still in love with him, storms the stage, and basically ruins her entire gig. Later on, when Collette confronts Tamra, the musician admits that she is writing about her exes to make her more relatable, “like Taylor Switft.” But Collette points out one critical difference: TSwift’s exes were mostly a-holes and Morgan is not.

Mindy and Peter attend the support group, and decide to go with their made-up sob stories to get into a celebrity party with James, who works for Nike. They meet a ton of celebrities and have a grand old time until James kisses Mindy, who must then confess that she is not actually a widow. She is shunned from the party, and Peter bids her adieu when they all still buy his story.

The next morning, Peter comes in after a 24-hour adventure with the NBA stars he was chatting up – only to be found out by Lauren, his very-much-alive wife. When Peter blames the shenanigans on Mindy and Danny, Lauren rolls her eyes in an “of course” sort of way, offending Mindy. After all, why would anyone think that Mindy and Danny don’t have a secure, mature, healthy, loving relationship? Peter admits that he doesn’t think her relationship with Danny is good for her, as she is not the strong, mostly-independent woman she once was. She bends to Danny’s will and lets him make all the major decisions, minus her wardrobe choices.

Peter’s departure gets Mindy thinking… Are they in a healthy relationship? She decides she must speak with Danny about it immediately, and tries to contact him. He promises to call “soon,” but Mindy won’t take no for an answer. When she calls, Danny does not pick up the phone, but she can hear his ringtone, “Fat Bottomed Girls” through the doorway.

“He’s home,” Mindy smiles.

So… This episode was fine. I do feel as though Mindy’s character is regressing, and she was not all that mature in the first place. There were some funny moments, but overall the episode was not anything special, in my opinion. I was happy to see Peter and I was kind of happy to not see Dr. Jody, but that’s about where my happiness ends. And by the way, why does Mindy’s every happiness now depend on if Danny is present?

I feel badly because I know that the show is undergoing changes, but we are ten episodes in now – the growing pains are mostly gone. Part of me fears that this is the direction the show is going in now. And that’s okay, I suppose, but it is not my cup of tea. We will see – I still have hope!

What did you think of this week’s episode?


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