Maggie Smith Reveals She’s Glad Downton Abbey Is Over


As some of you may know, we are big fans of Downton Abbey here at 4YE and as the much loved series comes to a close in the coming months, it’s fitting that we hear some of the cast members talking about the series and how it has affected their lives.

In particular, Dame Maggie Smith spoke about the series on The Graham Norton Show recently and even went so far as to wonder how her character, the Dowager Countess is still alive after all these seasons! The actress said, “I’m glad it’s over, I really am, by the time we finished, she must have been about 110.” Smith continued, “It couldn’t go on and on. It just didn’t make sense.”

What Smith said is very true, after all the series started in 1912 and it will end in 1925, which means that the series spans approximately 13 years, it’s very possible that the Dowager Countess should be in her 90’s by now, give or take a year or two. Not that Dame Maggie Smith looks that age. Personally I don’t think she’s aged since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone which was the first thing I ever watched Smith in, which I’m sure is what most people my age will know her from along with Downton of course!

On the Graham Norton Show, Smith also spoke about her fame from working on Downton Abbey, revealing “It’s only since Downton that people seem to recognise me. That’s television for you.” She continued, “I was in Waitrose the other day, and a little boy was at the checkout with his mother and he kept looking at me. When I asked him, ‘Can I help you?’, he said, ‘No, it’s alright. It’ll come to me in a minute.’ It was so lovely.”

We will more than likely be hearing from other members of the cast as we start the countdown to the end of Downton but until then, the current and last season of the show is currently airing on ITV in the UK!



Kayleigh Falvey