Like Father, Like Son: Peter Gallagher Joins New Girl As Schmidt’s Daddy

Credits: Getty Images / FOX
Credits: Getty Images / FOX

What have you been doing the last few days? If you’re anything like us you were probably glued to your screens, rewatching one of the most iconic TV shows of the 00s. CW Seed has recently added all four seasons of The OC to their streaming service and the world is freaking out about it. We are already right back in California, absorbing our favorite teenage drama.

If that isn’t a reason to rejoice, the following news certainly will. New Girl’s Schmidt has a daddy! And it’s not just any daddy, it’s the daddy we all admired and secretly wished to be related to us. TVLine reports that The OC alum Peter Gallagher will be joining the FOX show as Schmidt’s father.

While details on which kind of father Gallagher is going to portray are kept under wraps, he is “set to appear in one episode of New Girl‘s upcoming fifth season, which is slated to debut in January”, said TVLine. We are incredibly sad to wait another few months for this pop-culture crossover gem. Patience is a virtue.

While this is a fantastic casting choice regarding their outer appearance – they look freakishly alike – there is so much more behind this decision. Did you pay close attention to The OC and are able to list all and every guest star that ever appeared on the show? Then you will certainly recognize Max Greenfield as a young Sandy Cohen in a flashback scene in episode #4.13 “The Case of Franks”.

Let’s relive the epic moment when Sandy and Kirsten’s first met:

We are obviously freaking out about this. If there is one thing a fandom loves it is crossovers and little nods and winks, especially after a show has ended. We could not be more excited to see a reunion of the Sandy Cohens.

We are not the only ones: Max Greenfield himself seems thrilled to be working with Peter Gallagher, if his tweet is any indication. And also Peter Gallagher seems excited to join New Girl!

Just last year Greenfield recalled a rather awkward incident, namely the first time he met Peter Gallagher: “I met him once, and I was like, ‘Hey, man, I played the young you!’ He did, like, one of these: ‘… You did.’”, he told HuffingtonPost. “I don’t think he gave a shit. I suppose if someone played the young me, I probably wouldn’t give a fuck either.”

A few months later the pair would be co-starring in the movie Hello My Name is Doris.

“There was a part of me who thought I should go say hi […] But I’m going to divulge something to you: I got too nervous”, Greenfield revealed in March. “I get nervous around very few people. I don’t know why, but he’s one of them. […] I feel like the only thing I have to say to him is, ‘I played the young you.’ I think that’s a fucking weird way to open up.”

Well, he can certainly add “You played my father” to the list of unconventional, slightly awkward ice-breakers.

New Girl returns with new episodes in 2016 on FOX.

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