It’s Tight At The Top! Strictly Week Ten: The Competition Hots Up

Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

Well, we knew it was going to happen, didn’t we? Our remaining seven Strictly contestants are all so good that each and every one of them scored over thirty for their dances, then we had the Quickstep-a-thon too, which jostled things about on the leader board a little bit. Let’s take a look back:

Kellie and Kevin: They danced the Salsa and it was every bit as enjoyable and energetic as you’d expect. Kellie is like a ball of sunshine and the fast pace of this dance really suited her. Score: 34

Katie and Anton: Their Argentine Tango showcased Katie (and her amazing legs) perfectly. We really enjoyed it, perhaps more than the judges who cast quite a critical eye over her footwork. Score: 32

Helen and Aljaz: Well, we knew the Viennese Waltz would suit Helen perfectly, and we were only proved right with this beautiful turn. It was elegant, effortless and smooth. Our only criticism? Helen could have looked a little more excited by her score, and less like she was expecting it. Score: 39

Jay and Aliona: Rarely does a dance make us applaud loudly in our own living room, but this Tango was incredible. Great choice of music, great chemistry (it’s killing us!), and such intensity and passion. Wow. Just wow. Score: 38

Peter and Janette: Their American Smooth wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t quite up to the standard of the other couples, which is a shame for them as they could well find themselves in the bottom two again. Is it just us, or is anyone else getting annoyed by Peter’s heartfelt earnest shtick that he’s got going on? Score: 31

Anita and Gleb: Poor Anita had to dance a Rumba with Gleb. It might sound great in theory, but really, where do you look? Anita seems immune to Gleb’s charms, which is a good thing for her, and she danced this well, even if it wasn’t her best number. However, Len hated it, and his grumpiness brought the score down. Score: 31

Georgia and Giovanni: A Paso Doble. To Europe’s “The Final Countdown”. Amazing. We felt she was under marked. Okay, her shoulders rose up, meaning she didn’t hit the correct lines, but even so, this was a great dance. Score: 33

The Quickstep-a-thon

The rules are very simple; all couples take to the floor at the same time to Quickstep. The judges score them from one to seven and these points are added to their existing totals. As a viewer, it’s almost impossible to see who’s doing well, but we did see Kellie and Kevin make a slip-up. This dance was so much harder for Jay and Peter, who had to lead their partners and be aware of where everyone else was on the floor. We thought Jay did better than the results reflected.

7th Place: Peter and Janette (1 point)

6th Place: Kellie and Kevin (2 points)

5th Place: Jay and Aliona (3 points)

4th Place: Anita and Gleb (4 points)

3rd Place: Katie and Anton (5 points)

2nd Place: Georgia and Giovanni (6 points)

1st Place: Helen and Aljaz (7 points)

So our score board now looks like this:

Helen and Aljaz: 46

Jay and Aliona: 41

Georgia and Giovanni: 39

Katie and Anton: 37

Kellie and Kevin: 36

Anita and Gleb: 35 

Peter and Janette: 32

It seems an almost dead cert that Peter will be in the dance-off but as to who will join him, it’s anyone’s guess.