“Is That What You Want, Kid?”: First Trailer For AMC’s Preacher Adaptation Released

Credit: AMC
Credit: AMC

Last night’s special 90-minute episode of The Walking Dead was a pretty big deal.

Not only were fans going to find out if a beloved character died (and for a non-fan like myself the only I could find online was “maybe(?)”), but the show was going to premiere the first trailer for Preacher.

Preacher is the latest dark comic book adaptation coming from AMC, which has enjoyed huge success from, well, The Walking Dead. It makes sense that they would try to attract a similar audience for Preacher with one of their largest hits and staple shows.

Let’s take a look at the trailer first, shall we?


That trailer was totally awesome.

Not only that, but for those people not familiar with the Preacher comics, it hides some huge plot points. Making it look like a show about an ex-hitman or something that had turned to God and become a preacher or something.

It really isn’t about that, but that was such a beautiful misdirection that I feel the need to applaud.

Dominic Cooper seems perfectly cast in the role of Jesse Turner, and his accent doesn’t seem too shabby at all. I’ve always liked him when I saw him in the MCU as Howard Stark, so it’s nice to see him in a main role. His voiceover to the little boy about violence sends a chill up your back.

Okay. So I went on about misdirection, but what is Preacher really about?

Here’s the general gist from the comic.

Small town preacher, Jesse Turner becomes one with Genesis: a being born of a union between an angel and a demon. Genesis, an infant but reportedly more powerful than God, has grafted itself onto Jesse’s soul while destroying his congregation and town in the process. Jesse, joining up with his ex-girlfriend and a vampire, sets off to find God, who has abdicated His throne in Heaven, and make Him go back.

Now who knows how closely this will follow the books. Adaptations are always a strange kind of beast.

I know that I’m definitely interested based on the trailer.

Preacher will debut in 2016, but no release date has been announced yet.

Bec Heim