“How Does She Do It?” On This Week’s New Episode Of Supergirl

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Hello Supergirl fans!

I need you to TOTALLY forget about “Livewire” this week.

Why? Because this week’s episode, “How Does She Do It,” was supposed to air last week, but due to the unfortunate tragedy in Paris, the episode was swapped with “Livewire” in order not to be insensitive to the victims of said tragedy.

Here’s a link to our “Fight or Flight” recap to put you in the correct state of mind for this episode.

Make sense?

The Bombs: Kara is being followed by a drone as she flies. Thinking it’s the DEO, she destroys it and brings a piece back to Henshaw. He says its not DEO tech, and Alex confirms that it’s not alien either. Henshaw promises to look into the matter. Kara goes off to deal with the aftermath of the explosion. She tries to keep the building steady, even using her super vision when it looks like it will collapse. She goes to put out the fire, but one of the drones from earlier is watching her.

When debriefing with Henshaw, Alex says that the bombs have the same tech as the drones. Alex thinks that Maxwell Lord is behind it due to the level of tech found in the bombs. Lord denies having anything to do with the bombs. Alex and Lord flirt over his train schematics, and talk about heroes.

They find a second device in the building. Alex stays behind to help Lord disarm it, but it doesn’t work. Alex calls Kara, who takes the bomb and flies it away from the city. She can’t get clear of the explosion and she winds up in some sort of Yellow Sun lamp bed to help heal her injuries. She catches a glimpse of the red eyes of Henshaw, but when she wakes up later doesn’t remember it.

The bomber appears to be a former employee of Lord’s, who disappeared two weeks ago after erratic behavior. When Kara tries to help the DEO, Alex, worried, says Kara needs to let others help. Alex tries to get Lord to cancel the train event, but Lord refuses to trust the government. Alex brings up that his parents worked for the government, but Lord’s parents died because of the government’s “acceptable risk”. Alex tries to appeal to his logical side.

Instead of finding a bomb on the train, one is found at the airport. Winn spots the bomber, however, and calls Kara to let her know. Kara trusts Winn and tells the DEO to take the bomb at the airport. Kara tells Lord and Carter to take the passengers to the back of the train while Kara deals with the bomber. Henshaw tells Alex to leave the room while he uses his own Red Eye powers to deactivate the bomb. Kara, meanwhile, tries to talk the bomber down. Henshaw is able to deactivate the bomb, but tells Alex it is a dud. Kara begs the bomber not to hurt those people, and he won’t. He still activates the bomb and tells her she has 30 seconds to save them. Kara separates the front of the train from the rest, and stops it. The bomber blows up. Alex is confused by the fact that the “dud” had a kill switch. Kara is confused by the fact that the bomber seemed sad and let her save the train.

The Nanny: Cat Grant wins a prize for women in media, but has to go to Metropolis to accept it. Unfortunately, she cannot find someone to watch her son, Carter, while she goes. Since the award is a big deal (it’s the first time Cat beat Lois Lane), Kara offers to watch her son for her (with James covering the business side). Cat thinks it is some kind of sharky move, while Kara genuinely wants to help her. But hey, whatever gets the job done. Cat says that Carter is shy and reserved with special attention. Cat calls Kara, who realizes that she needs to pick up Carter. Boy. He is a very shy kid, barely able to talk to Kara when she picks him up from school. Soon enough, Kara is able to coax a smile out of Carter. At the office, Kara has a hard time getting Carter to open up until he spies Supergirl on the news. Crush alert! Later, Carter disappears from Winn’s watchful eye to go to the train launch to hopefully meet Supergirl, and gets pushed on the train. Lord, thinking he got separated from his parents, walks Carter up to the train. Carter boards the train while Winn is unable to get on. When Cat returns, Carter is a practically chipper kid. Kara asks Cat how she does it. Cat says that you have to learn over time. Cat says you can have it all, but just not all at once.

Lucy and James: Lucy tells James that she came here for him, but James brushes her off. Lucy says that she’s here to win James back. James reveals that Lucy dumped him because she wanted to focus more on her career. Kara says he is not a distraction. Later, Kara tells Alex that her plans with James are on hold at the moment. Lucy is pretty perfect; hell Kara wants to date her (I think I just witnessed a new Supergirl ship being born). Alex tells Kara to stay away from it because she’s the kind of person who listens to the troubles instead of being the girlfriend. Alex cements herself as Captain of the Kara/James ship. James tries to talk with Kara about Lucy, who firmly pushes him away from the topic. Lucy and Kara run into each other at the coffee shop later. She asks Kara if James is dating Supergirl. Lucy says that while she prioritized her job over James; James prioritized Superman over her. Ultimately, James left the relationship first and how will she compete with Supergirl should it come to it. Kara apologizes to James for snapping at him earlier, and she tells him what Lucy told her. James says that he doesn’t want to get hurt again. Kara says that if he doesn’t want to move on, then it’s not fair to whomever comes next. Lucy comes to visit James, where they both admit that they want what’s best for the other. Lucy kisses James and leaves. When the bomb was discovered at the airport, James tries to call Lucy and then goes to her. Lucy is okay, and James told her he ran toward the bomb to save her. Kara spies Lucy and James passionately kissing.

Kara’s Own Luthor? After watching a press conference where Lord seems choked up over the bomber’s death, Kara has Winn hack into records. The bomber’s daughter is being treated by a doctor that Lord is giving a grant to. She says that he always has failsafes put in, and asks if he had the bomber make those bombs for treatment. Kara says she knows this is a ruse, but she can’t figure out why. Ultimately, this series of bombs was a test of Kara. She tells him this isn’t over. Lord says that the fun is just beginning.

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