Heroes Reborn Fall Finale Promo Looks as Promising as Ever


It’s that time of year again, when our favorite fall shows are coming to an end for the dreaded winter hiatus The Heroes spin-off, Heroes Reborn will air its fall finale next week titled “11:53 to Odessa.”

In the preview for the episode, we get a glimpse of what is to come. Tommy is supposed to stop the apocalypse, but Erica tells him “there is no stopping it.” So far this show has done a lot of jumping around from past to present and between characters, but now everything is starting to make sense and we finally see how various plots come together.

[Spoilers Ahead]:

Last episode, Tommy was taken by Quentin and his sister Pheobe, who are both working for Erica. As Joanne ran from the ice cream shop, where she killed Casper, she is stopped by either Harris or one of his clones. Noah finally gets to see Malina again, who was at the ice cream shop, arriving with Luke, but he left her behind to run after Joanne. And both Carlos and James are stuck in the creepy mind controlling place where Metas are taken and made to believe they want to be there. At the end, Katana Girl, Miko, is in the future where there is nothing left.

In the finale, “To save humanity, Tommy must join forces with with a deadly enemy. And one hero discovers her true power, but can Malina save the most beloved hero of all?”

I can’t really begin to speculate as to what is going to happen in the fall finale, but it looks like it will be another solid episode.

I am happy to see Malina finally discovering her true powers. It is so frustrating to watch her struggle to control her powers every, single, time she needs them. Before now, she has mostly hid her powers, but now that her grandfather is in trouble she will be able to prove that she is someone who can save the world (as it was forseen).

The fall finale airs Thursday, November 19 at 8PM on NBC.

Kelli Heidelberger