Grey’s Anatomy Sends Us Off On A Midseason Break With “Things We Lost In The Fire”

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

Last episode, Penny stood up for herself against Meredith, Jackson and April hooked up, Arizona recruited Richard as her wingman, Owen had some drama with Dr. Riggs, and Maggie had a very important conversation with Amelia about privilege and racism.

In this episode, everyone was working on firefighters who were injured in a huge building fire. It’s all hands on deck, Bailey even takes over the cafeteria because she doesn’t want to turn them away.

Owen, Riggs, Meredith, and Amelia

Do you remember how Mark was introduced? How Derek punched him in the face when he saw him talking to Meredith? Owen and Riggs are like Derek and Mark 2.0 and frankly, I liked Derek and Mark a lot better than I like Owen. Jury’s still out on Riggs, but it doesn’t look good, he seems like Owen 2.0. This was a more Owen-centric episode that I think was supposed to make him more sympathetic but actually ended up making him look as douche-y as ever.

In the beginning of the episode, everyone is speculating about what happened between Owen and Riggs, except for Amelia who will have no part in gossiping about the man she’s sleeping with. Most of the theories are what you’d expect, that it’s because of a woman or something, but the best one is Arizona’s. Arizona’s theory is that Owen and Riggs had a thing and that’s what all the tension and stuff is.

Meredith gets a patient with a spike in his chest who needs a cardio doctor. Unfortunately, Maggie isn’t available so Meredith is stuck with Riggs, who pulls the spike out against Meredith’s wishes. While they’re in surgery, Owen sees his mom in the hospital, realizes her firefighter boyfriend is there too and then finds out that Riggs and Meredith are operating on him. Owen has Maggie paged to the OR and then goes there to get Riggs out of the OR. This only served to show that Owen is kind of a dick because he’s not the Chief or Head of Cardio and can’t think of a good reason to get him kicked out of the OR. See Owen can’t actually use his words and tell anyone what his beef is with Riggs. Amelia even tries and Owen just tells her that he doesn’t want Riggs near his family.

When Owen’s mom goes to check on her boyfriend, she sees Riggs and pulls him into a hug, confirming that whatever it is between him and Owen goes deep. Amelia tries again to talk to Owen but he tells her he doesn’t want her help. Meredith goes to Owen’s mom to find out how worried she needs to be and Owen’s mom tells her some of what’s going on. Amelia decides to ask Meredith what Owen’s mom said and Meredith won’t tell her, upsetting Amelia. Amelia calls Meredith out for shutting her out and it gets really ugly, to the point where Meredith tells Amelia to get out of her house. Meredith is being kind of shitty and apparently forgetting that pushing people away almost always ends bad.

When Riggs goes to check on the boyfriend, Owen sees him and tells him to go away. Riggs tells Owen that he already saw “Ma” and says something about family, causing Owen to punch him and tell him it’s not his family. Meredith finds Owen outside after their shift and tells him to get his shit together. She also says, “You never told me you had a sister.” So we get to find out what Riggs did that killed Owen’s sister when the show returns next year.

Amelia and Riggs end up at Joe’s bar at the end of their shifts and Amelia falls off of the wagon. I feel so bad for Amelia because she’s been treated like crap and so many people are focused on the fact that Meredith lost a husband that nobody seems to be remembering that Amelia lost a brother. I hope she doesn’t end up in a crazy downward spiral but this is Grey’s so…


This is Bailey’s first big disaster as Chief and it’s made more stressful by the fact that it’s firemen. With some help from Richard, she gives the all hands on deck orders and makes it clear that they aren’t going to reroute ambulances to other hospitals. Bailey’s case is an older man named Casey who is very badly burned and has a very large hole in his chest. Casey is in charge of the crew of firefighters and insists that they get treated first. Casey keeps taking his oxygen mask off and refuses to be intubated because he wants to talk to his wife when she gets there. DeLuca wants to intubate him against his wishes because he’ll die and Bailey tells DeLuca that Casey knows that and they need to make him comfortable. While they’re waiting for Casey’s wife, Ruth, Bailey lets him know that the fire is 80% contained and that there were no loses. Ruth gets to the hospital just in time to tell Casey she loves him and that his family loves him, and then he flatlines (during a great cover of “As Long As You Love Me”).

Jackson and April

Jackson and April haven’t really talked since they had sex the night before. Jackson was under the impression that it was more of a break up thing, but he has no idea what April thinks because she keeps avoiding talking about it. Jackson asks Callie for some advice about therapy, trying to make a decision about him and April. Jackson is finally able to catch up to April at the end of the episode and April doesn’t let him get many words in and launches into a whole bunch of assumptions and explanations. Jackson calls April out for always making decisions without talking to him and they are left in limbo until the show returns.

Jo and Alex

Alex spends all day being kind of rude to Jo whenever Meredith is around, causing Jo to confront him about it and they get into a fight. Alex ends up putting his foot way into his mouth and kind of implies that Meredith is the one person he can rely on, or something. Jo gets really upset and ends up crying in the supply closet. Stephanie walks in on her and Jo makes up some excuse as to why she’s in there. When Stephanie doesn’t even talk to her, Jo snaps at her and leaves. Later, Stephanie sees Jo tending to a patient by herself and offers her help, surprised at everything Jo managed to get done on her own. Jo bites back and tells Stephanie it’s because she’s actually a good doctor, despite what people think. They talk a little and apologize.

At the end of the episode, Jo comes home and is completely oblivious to the fact that Alex has champagne and it looks like he planned something special. She ends up ending things with him and Alex proposes. Alex explains that Meredith has had the ring for a month and was trying to give it to him all day without Jo seeing. Alex snapping at her and Meredith being rude was just them trying to keep it secret. Jo tells him he sucks at proposing but doesn’t give an answer.


Arizona’s patient is a hot lady firefighter who managed to burn her butt. They get a little flirty and it definitely seems like the firefighter isn’t straight. Arizona gets a little awkward while talking to her and tries to enlist Richard’s help in talking to her but he tells Arizona, “I’m not going to wingman a patient for you!” At the end of the episode, when the firefighter is getting discharged, Arizona asks her out for coffee just in time for the firefighters significant other to appear to take her home. Good news? Arizona is ready to date, she actually mustered up the courage to ask someone out, and her gaydar isn’t broken. Bad news? No Arizona and the hot firefighter, which would have been pretty great.

This episode was the mid-season finale. Grey’s picks back up on February 11, 2016.