Downton Abbey Delivers The Epic Sister Smackdown And A Wedding In Season Finale

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

Hello Downtonians! I must offer a million apologies for the delay in this recap but oh my goodness, was this episode worth the wait in watching! Epic fights, tragedies, happiness and much more went down on this season finale.

Remember, this is the season finale. We still have the series finale to go, which will air on Christmas Day.

Without much further ado, grab your tea and gin and let’s catch up on what went down on this episode!

What You Need To Know:

Bertie and Edith, Not So Happily Ever After: When his cousin dies, Bertie becomes a Marquess; Robert is delighted, as this makes him most suitable for Edith. However, she still can’t tell him that Marigold is her daughter, which proves to be most unfortunate for her as she has an awful older sister in Mary, who does know her secret.  Mary spitefully reveals it, which causes Bertie to walk out, saying he can’t trust her. This isn’t going to end well for the sisters. After years of abuse, Edith, after Mary ruined her happiness, finally put Mary in her place.  She gave Mary an epic chunk of her mind – “Who do you think you’re talking to, Mama? Your maid? I know you! I know you to be a nasty, jealous, scheming bitch!” The outburst caught Mary off guard naturally (meanwhile the world was cheering).  The sisters made up to an extent.

She’s A Man, Baby: Edith goes to London shortly after getting dumped to deal with magazine issues. Her trip to London turns kinda fun and silly when she and her editor find out some very interesting news. They are both startled to discover that the magazine’s agony aunt (advice columnist), believed to be female, is in fact Spratt the butler (this is so perfect).

Downstairs Drama: When it is revealed that the first couple to stay at the B&B were adulterers, Mrs Patmore is devastated that it will be thought of as a house of ill repute, and finds bookings cancelled. To show support, Rosamund, Cora and Robert go there for tea, with a newspaper photographer to record their visit. Elsewhere, Molesley starts to teach at the school, and holds the children’s interest by telling them to keep learning, whatever their future (can we just say how proud we are of Molesley?).  In more tragic news, as this season has been epically foreshadowing this moment, after taking another rejection and being basically cast out, Thomas tries to kill himself in the bath, but is saved (can someone please just love this  man already?).

Mary Finally Gives In: Mary is still confused over her feelings for Henry. Tom challenges her, and argues that she actually does love him. Henry calls again, to Mary’s initial discomfort, says that lack of money has caused her to reject him, and leaves again. Tom keeps challenging Mary over her attitude, and gets Violet back from France to give Mary a good talking-to. They have a heart-to-heart; Mary is afraid that Henry will die in a car crash, like Matthew, but Violet makes her admit that she does really love him. Henry is invited back, and Mary agrees to marry him; she goes to Matthew’s grave to tell him what she’s doing. Luckily Henry already has a license, so they marry quickly in the village church.

Join us Christmas Day when we finally say goodbye to the Crawley family on the Downton Abbey series finale.


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