Deadpool Celebrates Halloween Exactly How You Think Deadpool Would Celebrate It

Credit: Fox

Halloween is the favourite time of the year of many, with lots of candy everywhere, spooky decoration, and the chance to dress up as your favourite monster (or slasher. Why not). It’s also a great time to try to recruit a team of mini-mutants… Or at least that’s Deadpool’s idea of Halloween.

This past weekend, Ryan Reynolds shared a pic of him all suited up as the Merc with a Mouth with a group of kids dressed as some of our favourite X-Men; he later shared the video that tells the story behind that pic. Needless to say, it’s a gem of epic proportions.

In the video, Reynolds, erm, Deadpool tells the kids there will come a time when they will have to join forces. As this is a very serious team which requires only the best of the best, he asked a very important question: “how many of you have taken a human life?”


Because it’s Deadpool, you can be sure there’s swearing and pointing out physical details of everyone; all this with his peculiar sense of humour. Like, calling young Cyclops “Ray Bans” and “Stevie Wonder”. You gotta love this man.

He then continued to rule out almost every mini-mutant, with mini-Wolverine being the one who impressed him the most… mainly because he “hit puberty early. And hard”. All this to create a team to fight crime and create a bit of it as well. After all, it’s Deadpool we are talking about.

Fox are doing things extremely well with all the promo for Deadpool. Not that it needs it, honestly, but you can never have enough of his dark humour and foul mouth. It’s especially delightful because Ryan Reynolds really is Deadpool. We have seen perfect casting before but this reached a new level.

From now on, we should have Deadpool on every holiday. I’m basically waiting for them to share something for Christmas.

Deadpool will come make our lives funnier and better on February 12th.