“Abra Cadaver” Were The Magical Words On This Week’s iZombie

Credit: CW
Credit: CW

Well this week’s episode of iZombie was an emotional roller coaster,for my ever loving shipping heart. All I have to say is: how dare you writers, how dare you!

Major Problems: The episode begins with Liv and Major in bed, yet again. For a couple who can’t actually  have sex, they sure get it on a lot (props to you guys). Meanwhile, Ravi is having a girlfriend crisis, deciding that he needs to break up with Steph, who he deems too clingy. It doesn’t help that Ravi is still in love with Peyton, but we’ll get to that later.

Abra Ca-dead: The brain of the week is Sid Wicked – a magician. He was found dead with a metal playing card having sliced through his throat (it is just as gross as it sounds). Security tapes show that no one except a maid was found entering or leaving the room, which is a trick in itself. We quickly learn that Sid was hated throughout the entire magician community for revealing his colleagues tricks. Sid was also obsessed with death (so many of his colleagues thought he was faking it). After some twist and turns, we learn that the group Smoak & Meers, were actually the killers (the maid was actually Meers in disguise).

Team Work: Meanwhile, Blaine drops by the morgue. He needs Liv’s help to find out who is killing all his rich undead clients. Liv begrudgingly decides to help him, because she believes that dying innocent people is a bad thing. Unlike Blaine, who is losing some valuable customers. Either way, my babies have paired up to solve crime and I am so here for this dynamic. The two stake out Bozzio’s house, only to find Babineaux and her getting it on! Everyone is getting action this episode – well except Ravi. Blaine and Liv eventually go through the case files in the house and Liv decides to doctor some of the brain test results from Suzuki’s fridge. These two are perfect and no one will tell me otherwise.

My Conflicted Shipper Heart: While Peyton pushes Ravi away, and my heart continues to break, she starts to get a little closer to Blaine. Peyton drops by Blaine’s funeral home to warn him that Boss stopped by the DA’s office. Blaine seems more than capable of taking care of himself, but their damn chemistry is on point and it breaks my shipper soul.

So this episode was pretty much a one-off, but next week is a whole new level of crazy when Liv eats stalker brains!

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