A Proposal, A Crash, And A Holiday… All On This Week’s Downton!

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

We’re drawing to the end of Downton Abbey’s final season now, with only the Christmas Special left to go (more on that later). Story lines are starting to wrap up; some more successfully than others, and mercifully, the hospital debate seems to have been settled. Here’s what else happened this week:

Everyone’s Off To London: To watch Henry Talbot race at Brooklands (I’ve been there; it’s a giant supermarket now). Let us get this out there from the start; we do not like that man’s face. We think he’s entirely wrong for Mary but we also think he’s the one she will end up with. Boo. Anyway, with so much of the house away, it gives the chance for the servants to have their own storylines…

Mrs Hughes Gets Her Revenge: On Mr Carson, by pretending to have hurt her wrist, meaning he will have to not only cook dinner, but also wash all the pots and pans. Poor man is exhausted by the end of the day and nods off in his pudding. Lesson learned? Quite possibly.

Daisy Takes Her Exams: As does Mr Molesly. Daisy has to wait for her results but Mr Molesly hears from the schoolmaster that he’s done exceptionally well, and he is offered a teaching post at the school, meaning no more service for him.

WILL SOMEONE PLEASE LOVE THOMAS?: Poor soul. Andy admits to everyone that he can’t read, and that Thomas has been helping him learn. The schoolmaster offers to teach him properly and tells Thomas to stop teaching him. Mr Carson is on his back to find a new job, and really being quite harsh about it all. I have a bad feeling that this will end up with Thomas trying to take his own life. Where’s a handsome gay prince when you need one?

The Dowager Takes A Break: Violet tells Isobel that she cannot hold her tongue about how hurt she is over the hospital committee usurping her in favour of Cora. Rather than hang around and say stuff she might regret, she heads abroad for a month. However, she leaves a gift for Robert in the form of a new puppy. Hurrah for the dog baby! She also finds time to visit Larry Merton’s future wife, to uncover why she is being so friendly to Isobel when Larry hates her so much. Turns out, she’s hoping Isobel will take Dickie Mertonoff their hands. Isobel now has to think about whether she wants to resign her one time companion to a miserable life with his son and daughter-in-law.

In The Big Smoke: Anyone left is at Brooklands race track to watch Henry, including Edith’s new lady editor, who seems to hit it off with Tom (noo, send him Mary’s way!). Mary is petrified about the race and her fears are proven when a massive crash sees Henry’s race partner, Charlie, killed. Mary decides she can’t be in a relationship with Henry and ends it (yes!), but both Anna and Tom think she’s being silly, which no doubt means she will have a change of heart. Damn.

And Finally... Bertie proposed to Edith! Of course, she asks if she can take Marigold with her, and Bertie says yes, assuming she is the family’s ward. She tells him she must think about his proposal, but clearly she means she needs to work out how to tell him about Marigold’s true parentage.

Looking ahead… Our tips for the Christmas special? The wedding of Bertie and Edith, and the birth of Anna’s baby. We’d bet our last piece of Christmas cake on it.