90s Babies, Rejoice: Hey Arnold! TV Movie Is In The Works

90s Babies, Rejoice: Hey Arnold! Tv Movie Is In The Works

Calling all Nickelodeon 90s kids: the network’s beloved football head may be making his way back to our screens.

Variety is reporting that the super kid friendly network is is developing a new TV movie based on Hey Arnold!, the Nick Toons animated series (one of many) that ran between 1996 and 2004. The  TV movie, according to Variety, will feature a storyline that picks up where the original series ended and resolves unanswered plotlines–including the whereabouts of Arnold’s parents, long missing from the program.

Hey Arnold! focused on the adventures of the fourth grader with the football shaped head who lived with his grandparents after his parents’ disappearance. Hey Arnold! creator Craig Bartlett will be writing and executive producing the new TV movie. There hasn’t been a release date mentioned at this time.

Nickelodeon appears to be looking to the past in order to keep building on its future as with the revival of this classic series, others may follow, with good reason.  “Kids who grew up on these characters are now of the age that they are having kids and families themselves,” said Russell Hicks, president, content development and production, for Nickelodeon Group, in an interview. “Our library has come to fruition and it’s time for it to start coming back to life.”

According to Hicks, they are exploring the possibility of bring other classic shows back to life but making them more for the kids of today.  The shows are being readied “for the current audience that we have,” said Hicks. “You have to remember people who are going to watch really don’t have a recollection of ‘Hey Arnold,’” he added. “You have to make it relevant to them but also nod to the audience that is going to be interested.”

With this move, Nickelodeon is definitely going to be making a lot of people happy as who doesn’t love a good dose of nostalgia?

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be busy waiting for this to come and also preparing our shrine to Arnold a la Helga Pataki-style in the meantime.

90s Babies, Rejoice: Hey Arnold! Tv Movie Is In The Works

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