4YE Gives Thanks: What Verena Is Thankful For In Pop Culture

Thanksgiving – the holiday that’s all about food. And, of course, being thankful. Just because we do not celebrate this wonderful fest in Germany does not mean we don’t have anything to be thankful for. We may not get the big delicious turkey and the big awkward family dinners (those are a Christmas exclusive), but we do celebrate everything we are thankful for in our own way. In my case by compiling this list.

I am so ridiculously thankful for this website, especially the people behind it. I met our fabulous EIC at SDCC in 2014 and have been writing for 4YE for a little over a year now. It is incredibly freeing to be able to share your own opinion on the things that interest you, but it is even greater to get feedback on the things you write. Something that I never anticipated were the opportunities that came with writing for 4YE, the most significant being able to attend Tribeca Film Festival this year as press. It was more than a dream come true. So thank you to everyone who improves my day by tagging me in puppy videos, and thank you for our – often late night, often inappropriate – conversations. You’ve made my life a little more colorful.

Comic Con
And by Comic Con I do not mean San Diego’s shindig exclusively, but rather the whole concept of it. People from all over the world, coming together to celebrate the things they love. Whether big and impressive events or tiny convetions in the middle of nowhere, they all have their on special charm. My first convention I ever attended was ironically SDCC in 2014, and I have never felt more like home. No judging eyes when you’re busy gushing over your favorite fictional couples, nothing but total empathy when you’re grieving the death of your favorite character. Conventions are not only a place to share your interests, but also a place to meet tons of new people. Every year I barely manage to pay for it, but SDCC is an investment I’m willing to live in total poverty for. Here’s to many more expensive adventures!

Credit: Verena Cote

I’m thankful for this show for several reason. The most obvious one would be because it entertains me week after week. Brilliant writing, wonderful performances, heart-wrenching moments and great fight scenes – everything a good super hero show needs. At this point, I have gotten almost everyone on the 4YE team to watch it, and I’m so happy they’re suffering too. But I’m also thankful for the moments the show has presented me with and the people I got to interact with in those moments. Almost every single member of the cast I got the chance to meet has left me impressed by their talent, their wit and often their big and gentle hearts. I’ll always think back to talking TV shows with Colton and Paul in Frankfurt, or the amazing and fun group shot we got to take in Paris this summer. Also, David Ramsey’s arms, definitely something to be thankful for. This show is more than just what you see on screen and that is wonderful.

It’s honestly kind of sad how long it took Netflix to reach Germany but ever since it did I was hooked. We might miss some of the best shows they offer due to copyright issues, but what Netflix in Germany offers has certainly gotten me through the last few months. I am thankful for all the seasons of How I Met Your Mother I got to relive (except for that last episode, that one I still hate), or the many episodes of Chuck, Arrested Development or Heroes that I got to binge watch. And of course all the original series they produced in the last year. I’d rather go hungry for a week than give up my Netflix subscription. Thank you Netflix for making cold winter days a little less lonely.

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Strong Female Characters
I could write a whole book about why we need strong female characters on Television. Representation is key and the times in which women were reduced to a mother-figure, a vixen or a damsel-in-distress are long over. The ladies have become more detailed, more real, more vulnerable and I’m thankful for that. There is more than one kind of woman after all. Peggy Carter, Jessica Jones, Annalise Keating, Jane Villanueva, Cookie Lyon, … the list of fabulous ladies goes on. I have previously written a whole love letter to my current favorite fictional woman on television and I stand by every word: the world would be a much darker place without Felicity Smoak.

Credit: Tumblr
Credit: Tumblr
Credit: Tumblr

Social Media
While networks like Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr obviously all have their very own dark side, people often forget about the benefits of social media. We get to interact with people from all over the world. This extent of communication still blows my mind every once in a while. Social media does not only connect us with our idols and heroes, but also with many like-minded individuals on a global level. As long as it’s not being used as a platform to spread hate and intolerance, we should all be thankful for social media.

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