4YE Gives Thanks: What Shelby Is Thankful For In Pop Culture

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I am thankful for a lot of things, not just at Thanksgiving but all the time. Most of them are practical like food on the table and a roof over my head and my lovely little puppy Kora. But I thank a lot of the Gods of Hollywood and beyond for the people and things that populate this list I am about to present to you.

And without further ado here are the top 5 entertainment based things I am beyond thankful for.

Numero Uno: Thomas William Hiddleston
Show of hands, who knew this was coming? raises hand I mean, he is probably on a few lists this Thanksgiving but seriously. Look at this marvelous man.


I mean, look…


at him…


Can I die? I mean, he’s a looker but hot damn, I forget how gorgeous he is and then he pops up on my time line or my Tumblr, and I pass out.

Number 2: Whouffaldi


Okay, now that the proper spoiler alerts have been erected, I can take time to discuss Twelve/Clara.

I have shipped The Doctor/Clara since season 7. The Christmas special. One little scene with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman and oh my Lord, I was on the good ship Whouffaldi.

That ship has since grown so much that “Face the Raven” physically pained me, and I still haven’t recovered. I mean…just…the kisses and the glances and the hugs and the little cue cards she wrote for him and just….just…I died when Clara died and I still haven’t recovered. I’m even repeating myself.

Can we just all cry over this? I did. I sobbed, really.


Actually, I haven’t stopped sobbing because every time I see these gifs, I get hit by the feels train.


Here are some of their recent finest moments.


There are plenty more where this came from but if I listed every moment, we would be here for forever. (Besides, Stephanie Coats highlighted why EVERYONE should ship Whouffaldi in her Quick List earlier this year. And let’s face it, she probably was much more eloquent than I ever could be.)


Number 3: Peter Capaldi

From the unstoppable force of Whouffaldi, I am moving to one half of its incredible duo, the silver haired fox that is Peter Capaldi.

Yes, this man. This man right here who is killing his job as the Doctor, by the way.


He’s not only wonderful as the Doctor but he’s just generally so good natured and beautiful.

See? Beautiful. And handsome and hella sexy. Mostly, I’m just thankful for him ever being born. Him and his acting chops and ability to curse and make an entrance like this:

Credit: Tumblr

Yes, that’s how Randall was introduced in The Hour long before he swaggered in as The Doctor. swoon

Number 4: Martin Freeman

First, let me be clear I’m completely unsure of how he earned the “hedgehog” moniker but he is definitely not a hedgehog. He is just sexy as hell, and I am so thankful for his existence.

For the most part, though, I am thankful for this picture.

Credit: BBC

I literally squealed when Entertainment Weekly released that picture. Literally. I am so thankful Sherlock introduced me to this wonderful and adorable actor.

Number 5: The Allegiant Trailer

While everyone else is dying over Civil War and the release of Mockinjay Pt 2, I am sitting over here in my corner of the world, screaming over Theo James, Jeff Daniels, and Shailene Woodley making the end of the world look sexy and terrifying.

If you’ve missed the trailer, feast your eyes:

I have the biggest girl crush imaginable on Shai and this all makes me so excited. Probably too excited. I don’t care, though. This movie and the Divergent Series: Ascendant will be my life soon.

And that’s my “listicle” for the year. I could probably go on but I’m sure after a while you’d get really tired of my ramblings.

I hope your Thanksgiving is full of turkey and family time and be sure to watch your favorite movie when the turkey coma wears off. Have a great weekend!

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