4YE Gives Thanks: What Jacie Is Thankful For In Pop Culture


I live in a country that doesn’t “celebrate” Thanksgiving per se, but in the spirit of the holiday, I am taking a moment to be grateful, thankful and possibly even do the “Amen Sista” thing over some of the lovely things that light my world.

I also feel the need to make the disclaimer that as thankful as I am for great medical access in my country, I am currently on nerve blockers and therefore seem to have lost my filter so this piece could go anywhere really…..  read on, enjoy the ride  and love the life you live.

Tom Hiddleston

I am not going to surprise ANYONE who reads my work here and on my blogs, or those who know me in any way, shape of form that I am forever grateful for the mere existence of one Tom Hiddleston.  Yeah I know I have raved on about him quite a bit… it’s going to continue into 2016 so best you just get used to that ‘facet of my interests’.    This year however, things took a huge turn for me professionally and personally when I traveled to the UK and spent time reporting on the BFI London Film Festival for the last few days of my trip.  I  went to the press screening of High Rise, one of the most anticipated films among fans of not only Tom, but Luke Evans and Ben Wheatley.  I got to have a all-too brief chat with the man himself, and attend the Q&A following the gala premier of High Rise.   It was a bucket list moment for me.   I have made no secret, nor do I  feel I have to, of my admiration for all the things this man does, not only in the roles he chooses, but the altrusitic things he does as well.  He just seems like a genuinely nice guy.  And a bit smart too.  I like that in a person.   Plus there is that whole thing with his voice that’s so lovely to listen to; deep and clear in its timbre makes for very pleasant listening.   Tom has done a lot of poetry narration, audiobooks, cartoon voices (ok except for when he did Robot Chicken that wasn’t quite normal LOL ).  Also any actor willing to push over kids for a laugh is alright in my book

Funko Pop  Vinyls

I am the first to admit that I am just a big kid at heart.  And like so many people around the world, I still buy toys, but these days it’s on a whole new level.  The Funko Pop Vinyls actually make me squee.  I have a list of who I want in my collection, and am slowly ticking them off.

I have (I think) completed my set of Loki Vinyl Pops and am have started an Arrow set for my son as well .    These awesome ‘little people’ from just about any series, movie you are in to… you can collect them.  Most people I know leave them in the box; I think that is the sign you are a ‘grown up’; I could be wrong.

Credit: Jacie Anderson
Credit: Jacie Anderson

Game of Thrones

Oh the series that makes me sit on the edge of my couch each season, hold my breath and inevitably cry several time and at the end of easch season I flail in anguish at the fate of someone.  I love how I am always left wanting more, in shock and cheering for things I never thought I would.  Brilliantly casted, and I feel a good adaptation of the books (although to be fair I am only up to a Storm of Swords) and has also made one sentence very adaptable in my social circle

Credit: Tumblr
Credit: Tumblr


Keeping with the theme of TV Series.  Actually all I need to say on this one is

credit: Tumblr
credit: Tumblr


Credit: Tumblr
Credit: Tumblr


I have always loved to ‘dress up’.  Cosplay over the last few years has become quite a thing in our house.  I have held off myself because I just felt I couldn’t do anything justice.  Going to the Cons here in Australia and having friends who have amazing outfits always made me feel like I wasn’t up to the challenge.  I did however take my Mini Doctor Who (Ten) with me to comic-cons where he was quite a novelty,  a 4ft Doctor is bloody cute, let me tell you.  This year I decided to leap in to it, and cosplayed Agent Peggy Carter.  It was fun, and I was so suprised the number of people who asked for a photo, or just said that I made an excellent Peggy.  I walked past a Captain America who did a little salute saying “Peggy”  I saluted back saying “Steve”…

Credit: Jacie Anderson
Credit: Jacie Anderson


The greatest Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.   Possibly simutanrously the most and least fun I have had in 7 days.  As it says, GiSHwhes is an international scavenger hunt.  You create a team of 15 people and then you are given a list of almost 200 tasks to complete. It’s impossible to complete all 200, but trust me you are determined to try. The hunt is part silliness, part art, part kindness and 100% fun.  It sends you to the brink of insanity, all in the name of charity.   Created by Supernatural star Misha Collins it has thousands of participants from more than 100 countries.  Taking part this year with my team (SC)Avengers Assemble was more fun and tears than I have had in a long time.  I’m almost ready to do it again!



What can I say, if you get the concept of what belonging to a good and supportive fandom is all about I could stop here.  Being involved in a fandom has so many unexpected turn, twists  and amazing things happen.  It’s actually how I got this gig for starters – and that in turn has led me to not only interview and meet some people I am totally inspired by – Billy Boyd,  cast of Game of Thrones, as well as the unforgettable experience of talking to Robert Englund – I’ve been able to attend cool red carpet events and also have my writing published.  I have also met people who have helped me work on my novel, and led me to having mentors in the writing world. I have made amazing friends, and we have traveled the world to meet one another and just hang out.   I have been able to experience a part of life that is beyond my little corner of the globe as well as making friends in my own city that are more than just fellow fans;  they have become good friends.  It’s been about connecting to the world.   And I can pin point that joining a fandom (in this case The Hiddlestoners) was the catalyst for all those events.


What are you grateful for? What has happened to you this year that something in the pop-culture world led you to a place you never though it would?  Despite the ugliness and horror that happens in the world, taking time out to be grateful not just for the light and fluffy stuff like this, but everything that allows you to be the person you are shouldn’t happen on just one day… find a moment every day to be thankful for something.


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