4YE Gives Thanks: What Abby Is Thankful For In Pop Culture

It’s Thanksgiving, which means that most of us here in the United States are sitting around a table with some type of family, or friends that have become family, and listing at least one thing for which we are thankful. Of course I am grateful for my dog, family, friends, and health, but one of the things I am most thankful for would be a bit taboo to mention at the dinner table. I’m talking about entertainment; books, TV, movies, music, everything pop culture.

People usually prefer if you’re a bit more deep and insightful around the dinner table, and that’s fine. But I am here to bring you a list of the top nine entertainment-related “things” I am most thankful for in 2015.

Mockingjay – Part Two

Together We March! Mockingjay - Part Two Official Trailer ReleasedCredit: Tumblr

I have been looking forward to this movie for years. Like many others, this was the movie I was anticipating most, and I am so grateful that the movie did the books justice. Despite some big changes, the movie felt authentic to the characters and the Hunger Games universe. It hurt so good.


While I am always thankful for Adele’s existence, I have to say this year she is pretty high on my list. Her newest album, 25, has already broken records, and has taken on an exciting new direction while still remaining inherently Adele.

Parks and Recreation Series Finale

leslie i'm ready gifCredit: Tumblr

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still devastated that my favorite show ended. Leslie Knope and the crew were everything we could have ever hoped for in a television show, and even seven long, beautiful seasons didn’t seem like enough time with them. The finale, however, was so incredibly beautiful and fitting to these wonderful humans.


ollie shooting an arrowCredit: Tumblr

All my friends here at 4YE recently (within the last month) convinced me to begin watching The CW’s Arrow. It took me awhile, but I have to say: I. LOVE. IT. I’m just finishing up season two, so don’t spoil it for me!!!

Pitch Perfect 2

I loved the second installment just as much as the first. With significantly less projectile vomiting, part two of the Bellas’ story was fascinating and hilarious, and included some amazing music, as well.

Something Rotten!

I visited NYC in June and saw an amazing production of this standout, Tony-winning musical based on a pair of brothers trying to make it as playwrights at the height of Shakespeare’s fame. I saw the first performance after the Tony Awards, where the musical was nominated for nine Tonys and won one. The music is spectacular and there are so many amazing references to musicals that you can’t help but adore this one. If this ever tours in a city near you, SEE IT.

The Girl on the Train

Credit: Riverhead Books
Credit: Riverhead Books

Released in January of this year, The Girl on the Train is one of the best books I have read in awhile. The suspense and mystery draw you in immediately, but the mess that is Rachel is what keeps you going. I read this book in one sitting, and the stiff muscles were well worth it. Oh yeah – it’s also being made into a movie starring Emily Blunt as the main character, Rachel.

Amy Schumer (just in general)

amy schumer gifCredit: Tumblr

Amy Schumer is killing it in 2015, but I have liked her for quite a long time. It makes me very happy that the rest of the world is starting to see her comedic chops, and how much her talent and comedy have improved over the years. Trainwreck was pretty fantastic, as is the news that she, her sister, and Jennifer Lawrence are writing a script together. However, my favorite Amy Schumer 2015 moment was when I saw her perform standup with the Oddball Comedy Tour in Chicago in August. I’m not lying when I say she was pee your pants funny.


love you awesome nerds gifCredit: Tumblr

Finally, one of the things I am most grateful for is starting my work with 4YE and doing something I’d never thought I could. I thought movies, books, TV, and music were just there me to obsess over. Through 4YE, I have made some wonderful friends and learned so much. So, thank you, 4YE and friends, for making 2015 one of my best! I love you, awesome nerds! <3

Abby Bertrand

Abby is new with 4YE, but super excited to be here. She is a compulsive buyer of books and movies, and doesn't care if she owns seven copies of the same book, which she definitely does. She loves her dog, pop culture, musical theater, and the White Sox.
Abby Bertrand