“Who Watches The Watchmen?” – If It Makes It To HBO, Who Won’t?!

Credit: the-fanboy-perspective.com

Alan Moore’s 1986 Watchmen comic book became something of a cult classic, and since has been made into a darkly memorable film back in 2009 – but could we be getting an HBO show???

As the DC Extended Universe grows, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder might be turning his gaze to the small screen! Collider first reported that Snyder and HBO have has preliminary discussions regarding the development of this legendary comic into a TV show!

Snyder’s Watchmen film met mixed reviews from fans and critics alike in 2009, but undeniably left its mark on the superhero film genre – nothing like the camp fun of the Tim Burton Batman movies, but also totally different in tone from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, which was two thirds of the way through when Watchmen was made.

Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the iconic Comedian and Jackie Earl Haley as morally dubious anti-hero Rorschach, the film depicts an alternate 1985 where superheroes – mostly non-powered vigilantes – are on the decline after a government crackdown. The vicious murder of an old colleague prompts these ageing heroes to re-don their masks, or others to pick up their mantles, to solve the mystery – but they uncover a much greater evil than they set out to find!

Interspersed with modern-day comic book industry shorts, and the comic-within-the-comic, “The Tales of the Black Freighter,” the structure of the Watchmen comic book is iconic – how well did it translate to screen the first time? That’s something which fans are still pretty divided on!

In 2012, DC released the Before Watchmen comic series, shining light on the former glory of the veteran superheroes – maybe the show could include that material?

Superhero TV shows have been doing well in recent years, with Marvel taking  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter to screen, and to Netflix, Daredevil. DC characters have made it to the small screen too with the CW’s Arrow and spin-off, The Flash.

No time would better to expand the DCEU with this landmark story, right? “Who watches the Watchmen?” I know I would!

Watch the trailer for the 2009 Watchmen movie below!

Sneh Rupra