The Mighty Fall: Ben McKenzie Talks Jim Gordon’s Fall From Grace On Gotham


If you’ve been watching Gotham this season, you’ll know it’s getting pretty dark!

The Rise of the Villains is, as promised, proving to be spine-chilling indeed! The villains are one thing – you expect them to be terrifying, right? – but of our hero? Jim Gordon’s been bending a few rules lately.

Ben McKenzie chatted with at New York Comic Con about his character’s fall from grace. How far can he fall before he’s irredeemable?

“He will go far.” he said. “We’re going to keep pushing him.” Poor guy!

“At the end of it, he is trying to do what’s right, for himself and the greater good. But it comes back to that unanswerable question of ‘what if you had to do bad to do good?’ It’s not a question with a lot of easy answers.”

We’ve already seen Jim compromise his morals this season by [spoiler alert!] doing some of Penguin’s dirty work in return for help getting his job back – not exactly Gotham’s sparkly-white knight.

“There’s a scene we’re about to shoot that echoes the scene in the pilot [where he let Penguin live at the docks], and it shows how far Jim has come,” he said. Well that doesn’t sound ominous at all. Is Jim going to … shoot someone? When he has the chance to let them go instead? That’s dark stuff!

The character’s come so far, he’s practically a different person! ”I think the Gordon now would look at that [season one] Gordon with respect, but also as naive. Also with a bit of yearning to be that guy again.”

“Old Gordon would look at the new Gordon with scorn. New Gordon looks at old Gordon as a chump.” Character development isn’t always a good thing.

This moral greyness that permeates the show is one of the most refreshing things on TV at the moment. Our hero is certainly treading some murky waters, and there’s a healthy amount of sympathy garnered for both Penguin and Edward Nygma aka the Riddler – two of Batman’s greatest nemeses.

Tune in on FOX tonight, Monday, at 8/7c to catch the next episode. Here’s the teaser to whet your appetites!

Sneh Rupra