Strictly Come Dancing Week 5: Who Waltzed Off The Dance Floor?

Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

It’s hard to believe we’ve had five weeks of Strictly already! Next week will see the annual spooky Halloween themed episode, when the costume department really comes into its own. Before then, there’s the small matter of an elimination looming, and with four male celebs gone already, surely it’s the turn of the girls?

Big congrats to the pro dancers on their opening number, which held a synchronised swimming theme. It really was great, the only annoying thing about these group routines is that we don’t know where to look; everyone’s so fantastic!

Poor Len couldn’t make it up the stairs last night for Lens Lens, given that he had a knee replacement during the week, but the judges segment was still informative and is quickly taking over as our favourite part of the results show, Watching Helen and Aljaz dancing the quick step in slow motion was great, we get a really good chance to see just how tricky that footwork is.

On to the dance-off then, and yes, we called it. Jeremy sailed through, as did Carol. Being a part of the BBC’s prime time Radio and TV schedule has its advantages, clearly. (As in everyone knows them; we’re not suggesting anything funny!) Kirsty and Brendan are also given a reprieve, as are Katie and Anton.

So it’s down to Jamelia and Tristan and Ainsley and Natalie to battle it out. While Ainsley is a lovely guy, there really was no contest here. Jamelia has the rhythm, the talent and the grace. Ainsley just doesn’t compare. And so we lost another male celeb, leaving just Jeremy, Jay, and Peter!

Join us in the week for the spook-tacular song and dance list reveal. Until then, keep dancing!