Strictly Come Dancing Week 5: Who Delivered A Perfect Paso?


Strictly Come Dancing Week 5: Who Delivered A Perfect Paso?

Strictly week 5 left us with two clusters and a couple of lone wolves. The competition is hotting up now, giving us two clear camps of those at the top and those at the bottom. And Jeremy.

What’s interesting about the show this year is that the good ones- and there are a lot of them- are constantly rivalling each other for the top position. There’s no continuous frontrunner and that just makes each week even more enjoyable. Let’s take a look at how they all fared this week…

Georgia and Giovanni: Opening the show with a great salsa, Georgia really showed how much she’s progressing on the show. Her and Giovanni continue to be one of the cutest pairings. Score: 31

Carol and Pasha: Her Viennese Waltz wasn’t great at all, but Bruno really laid into her, which was way out of line. She is trying, it’s just that she’s not much good. Score: 21

Anita and Gleb: Tango. Gleb. We could leave it there, except that we do need to say how brilliant this was. A great dark and contemporary twist on the Tango which Anita danced really, really well. Score: 32

Peter and Janette: Poor Peter had the Rumba, a hideously difficult dance for a male celeb. He danced it well, but it wasn’t quite enough to catch those at the top. Score: 29

Kirsty and Brendan: The Viennese Waltz suited Kirsty, since she was in hold for much of it. Finally, she showed some real expression and class. Score: 29

Ainsley and Natalie: Well their jive did not deserve the same score as Carol’s dance, but neither was it that great. Poor Ainsley, we can see the dance-off beckoning. Score: 21

Jamelia and Tristan: We would be thankful to have a Foxtrot over a latin, but for Jamelia it’s the other way around. We wouldn’t be surprised to see her in the dance-off too; since this was a bit of a mess. Score: 26

Katie and Anton: In the total reverse to Jameila, Katie had a Salsa to tackle and though she tried her best, the ballroom is easily her strongest area. Oh dear. Score: 21

Jeremy and Karen: They might be right at the bottom for their Waltz, but it’s Jeremy. He’s a delight. Score: 18

Helen and Aljaz: For some reason, Aljaz always, always does well with his partners when they dance the Quickstep. Helen was no exception. Just wonderful. Light, bright, fast…sublime. Score: 35

Jay and Aliona: Jay proved he was back on top form with an incredible Paso, which in our humble opinion deserved a much higher score than 33. It was great, and the only real criticism the judges gave is that he was too caring for Aliona. Well, it’s true. He looks like one of those cartoon characters with hearts in their eyes. But anyway, great to have him firmly back in the game. Score: 33

Kelli and Kevin: Their Jive was saved until last and it’s easy to see why. It was fast, fun and absolutely Uh-maz-ing as Craig would say. They took the well-deserved top spot with Helen and Aljaz. Score: 35