Romance Is In The Air As The Hospital Debate Is Settled On Downton Abbey

CreditL ITV
CreditL ITV

Downton Abbey returns back to filler status this week as the episode doesn’t have us reeling with emotions as it did last week.

Robert has return to Downton only see its doors open to the common people, which makes us question how much longer will the Abbey remain standing? The hospital debate is finally settled while romances are blooming everywhere.

Grab your tea and hobnobs, friends and find out what happened on this week’s episode of Downton Abbey.

What You Need To Know:

  • Debate Is Over: This season’s less exciting plot line is finally over. After waging war against everyone and their mother this season, the Dowager loses her battle to stop the merger. The Board of the Downton Cottage Hospital decides to approve its merger with the Royal Yorkshire Hospital and invite Cora to be their new president in place of the Dowager Countess to avoid such situations in the future. The “winners” of the debacle try to keep the news from Violet but naturally she finds out and berates Cora in the middle of the open house.
  • Foot In Mouth: Married life doesn’t seem to be suiting Carson very well. Carson continues to moan about things at the cottage not being ‘up to standard’, to the increasing annoyance of his wife, even complaining about how she makes the bed, and suggesting that she get some pointers on cooking from Mrs Patmore. Can someone please put this man in his place already?
  • Henry Talbot Makes His Move: Anna, who has been feeling a bit under weather, is taken to London by Mary in this week’s episode. Mary takes Tom (who basically invited himself) to London, where they meet Henry, who invites them to a motor-car race at the Brooklands circuit, and tells Mary he is falling in love with her. Mary shares with Talbot why she dislikes his profession so much, to which Talbot is understanding about. Talbot then steals a kiss from Mary during their walk home to Rosamunds, much to Mary’s (and our) delight.
  • Daisy Continues To Be A Pest: Daisy, in this week’s episode apparently has found a new thing to be annoyed about: Mrs Patmore and Mr. Mason’s growing friendship. Instead of focusing on the exams Mr. Molesley is setting up for her to take, Daisy continues to try to sabotage the growing flirtatious friendship between Mrs Patmore and Mr Mason, but is too blatant, and both realize what is going on.  Mrs Patmore and Daisy eventually get into a row about it, with Daisy snapping at Mrs Patmore.
  • Everything else: Thomas starts his reading lessons with Andy, causing suspicions amongst the staff about what is going on. Carson questions Thomas about his meetings with Andy, causing him more distress and reducing him to tears of self-pity. The Abbey is open to the public to raise funds for the hospital, to much success. Carson looks to downsize the staff at Robert’s insistence, and Edith actually has a pretty good episode with Bertie romancing her.

Quote Of The Night

“I do not wish to see Cora’s face until I am used to having a traitor in the family.” Violet

Join us next week, when Lady Becky takes over recapping!

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