Preach! Olivia Wilde Wants To See More Complexed And Flawed Female Superheroes

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images
Credit: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

The search for our Carol Danvers continues. Naturally, the internet has a lot of suggestions for the role.

While some of them are pretty much perfect (cough, Katee Sackhoff, cough) there are others that, honestly, I don’t even know why they are being suggested, and some others that I didn’t know I want until now.

Recently, a Twitter user suggested Olivia Wilde and her Meadowland director, Reed Morano, should join forces and take over the Marvel Universe with Captain Marvel. That was when I realized I really, truly, madly, deeply would love to see Wilde as Carol Danvers.

Lucky us, both Morano and Wilde are all up for it.

Not only that, but Olivia Wilde has her ideas on female superheroes, specifically those from Marvel, and how they are being showed in the MCU.

“I’m a big fan of superhero films, and I have so much respect for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The thing with female superheroes is that, in order to be powerful, they are flawless. The idea of kick-ass power lacks a certain nuance, at times. There is something to be said for a female director working to create a female superhero that perhaps [has] a little more complexity”, Wilde told Cinema Blend at the Savannah Film Festival.

Ah, yes! Our ladies have flaws and that’s what makes them our role models (in most cases). We don’t want to see ladies who have everything under control all the time and who always know how to act, what to say, and what to do; we want ladies who deal with their emotions, their demons, who sometimes don’t know what the next step is but they go for it anyway. We want to know their backstories and we want to get immersed in their complexity.

Olivia Wilde is not only a great actress but she is well aware of what is going on in this industry (referring to both the film industry and the superhero one) and has some ideas she would like to bring to Captain Marvel.

“Marvel has been so smart about casting unexpected people for these roles. Look at what Robert Downey brought to Iron Man. A real, dry sense of humour and a complexity to his hero balance. I think that the way these Marvel heroes are written, the female superheroes included, do have complexity and flaws. But I think when they are translated into film, the women can become these ultimate goddesses of perfection and I would love to create a female Marvel character who is just as unexpected and complex as some of the male characters as Iron Man. I think that would be really cool!”

Cue standing ovation.

Reed Morano added: “The most interesting characters are the ones who have issues and are flawed individuals. It would be nice to give a real history, to give a real, tangible background to this character”.

Marvel, this is a formal petition for you to consider having these ladies on your team for Captain Marvel. I know you can hear the internet claiming for this to happen!

Captain Marvel is now scheduled for a March 8, 2019 release. Enough time for Morano and Wilde to clear their schedules, am I right?