One More On Board: Jon Hamm Joins Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images
Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

The last time we watched an Edgar Wright movie on the big screen was two years ago with the final Cornetto movie, The World’s End. Since then, there has been an unfair lack of Edgar Wright in our lives (or at least in mine).

Luckily, Mr. Wright is working on a new project, set to see the light in 2017. It’s called Baby Driver, and judging by the few details we know about it, it has every Wright-quality element.

It’s all about a young getaway driver called Baby (due to his youthful face. What else?) who works for different bank robbers. One bad day, he gets into trouble when a robbery goes wrong, and this is when the fun begins. The movie is said to rely a lot on music, with Baby having an ear condition that forces him to listen to music all the time in order to drown out the constant ringing in his ears. In addition to that, it has been described as a “collision of crime, action, music, and sound”.

Sounds fine by me, and the cast keeps getting better. Our Baby will be Ansel Elgort (let’s be honest: he fits the description quite well), with Lily James and Jamie Foxx also on board.

Now, if that’s not good enough for you, we are here to tell you that Jon Hamm has joined the cast as well.

Jon Hamm.

Not going to lie, I tend to lose my trail of thought whenever I read his name.

Anyway, according to Variety, Jon Hamm has joined Wright’s project in an undisclosed role. Allow me to have a small fangirl moment and picture Hamm as one of the bad guys Baby works for. I invite you to do that as well. Take your time, I’ll wait.

Setting my love, admiration, and fangirliness aside, Jon Hamm joining an Edgar Wright movie is perfection. Hamm is no stranger to comedy and you really don’t need me to tell you (again) about Wright’s comedy expertise.

Variety also shares a release date for Baby Driver: March 17, 2017, meaning that they should be in pre-production already and will most likely start shooting later this year or earlier next year.

Back to my limitless, undying love for Edgar Wright and Jon Hamm, I truly hope we get various on-set pictures when the time comes. More so now that Wright finally came back to Twitter. Bless.

We will keep you posted on further details!