Leo Gets A New Nanny And Then It Gets Problematic On This Week’s Episode Of The Mindy Project

Credit: Hulu
Credit: Hulu

So…new episode of The Mindy Project yesterday. I don’t quite know how to describe the episode. The only word that comes to mind is ‘bizarre.’ While Danny is away, Mindy will play. And by ‘play,’ I mean work. Dr. L is back at Shulman and Associates, and all should be well. Right? Wrong.

Since Danny is in California, his mom, Annette (Rhea Perlman), picks up the babysitting duties while Mindy fills in at the office. It seems that Mindy is appreciative of Annette’s time and unsolicited advice, but neither woman quite knows how to handle the other. For one, Annette is the stereotypical overbearing Italian mother, who does not know the meaning of privacy or personal space. Secondly, Mindy is not super communicative with her future mother-in-law about expectations and what she is OK with.

After Annette shrinks some of Mindy’s best clothing, makes backhanded comments about her weight, and insults her parenting, Mindy decides it is time to hire a nanny. She interviews a few candidates, finally choosing a sweet young woman she thinks she could be friends with. When she tells Annette, though, all hell breaks loose.

Annette seems to take the news well, especially when she sees Mindy bought her cruise tickets as a ‘thank you.’ A few days later Mindy is served papers informing her that Annette is suing her for slave labor. Now, this is bizarre and problematic from the get-go. I know that’s the whole point of it, and it is probably supposed to be funny, but I personally just kind of rolled my eyes. I mean, she did buy her a cruise, and also that’s a ridiculous claim. Mindy ignores it all, telling Annette’s lawyer to send her the bill or paperwork or whatever, and kind of blows it off.

Back at home, the nanny seems to be working out well for the first few days. That is, until a photo surfaces online… The nanny dressed up Leo in a “No Vaccination Zone” onesie and posted it on an anti-vaccination web site. Danny sees it and freaks out, and Mindy rushes home to inform the nanny that, even though she wants Leo to be famous, vaccinations are good and Leo himself is vaccinated. Nanny walks out after Mindy kind of fires her, with a parting shot telling her they’d never be friends because Mindy is so old. Ouch.

Meanwhile at the office, the staff doesn’t know how to handle the Jeremy’s-girlfriend-is-doing-coke situation. Mindy, Tamra, and Dr. Jody try to help Jeremy, but his “meaningful conversation” with her basically got him nowhere. Dr. Jody takes things into his own hands – literally – and confronts Jeremy’s very intense girlfriend. Apparently Jeremy has shit luck at choosing friends, because Dr. Jody sleeps with his girlfriend, making this the second time in a row. This part, for me, was a “REALLY??” moment. Really? We’re doing this to him again, writers?!

So, now that the nanny is fired and Annette is pissed, Mindy is left with no choice but to bring Leo to the office. She disobeys the ‘no babies in the office’ rule and brings him in anyway. That’s when the really bizarre part happens. Yep, that’s right, the preceding events are only the half of it. Instead of explaining her situation or pawning her responsibilities off on Morgan like she normally does, Mindy decides to HIDE HIM IN THE STORAGE CLOSET.

Credit: Hulu
Credit: Hulu

My first thought here was, “She’s not really going to do that. That’s just a joke.” It’s apparently not enough that she snuck him in inside a giant printer box; she didn’t even attempt to take him in her own office. And, you guys, until Dr. Jody stopped her at the door, she was ACTUALLY GOING TO LEAVE HIM IN THERE.

I’m sorry, but come on. I love the whole willing suspension of disbelief thing, but SHE IS AN OB/GYN. Mindy is a smart, sassy woman, and she is a good mother; that much she has proved. She is known to have her dumb moments, but this was too much for me. Frankly, it pissed me off.

Anywho, Dr. Jody admits his ‘slip-up’ and Mindy is appalled. (Really? You are appalled right now?) Mindy gets a page for a delivery when Jody sees Leo hanging out in the cardboard box like a baby duck. He promises to take care of Leo, and Mindy is on her way, but not without questioning his abilities.

By the time all is said and done, Mindy and Annette make up, and Jody tells Jeremy about his indiscretion. I guess it ended on a positive note, but I definitely had a major ‘your fave is problematic’ experience, as much as I hate that stupid phrase.

I don’t know if “infuriating” is too strong of a word, but this episode was a major turnoff for me. From Annette making comments about the taste of Mindy’s breast milk to Mindy legitimately carrying her son in a cardboard box like livestock, I got a headache from wincing and rolling my eyes. Since its transition to Hulu, I have mostly liked the show’s fourth season (minus a couple), but this one was just… No.

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