Kingdom Cast Tease New Characters And Bigger Drama For Season 2

Credit: Variety
Credit: Variety

You ready, Navy St. fans?

The time has officially come to start pre-gaming for season 2 of Kingdom.

In preparation for the upcoming sophomore season, the cast and crew of the DirecTV and Audience Network hit spoke with Variety at its premiere, which was hosted at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. The interviews tease new characters, and, of course, new drama.

“If it was complicated last year, this season is even more complicated,” revealed Matt Lauria, who plays Ryan Wheeler on the small screen, a volatile and arrogant ex-con and fighter who keeps trying his hardest to be a good guy — and keeps on kind of failing.

Even though the season ended on a high note for Ryan with his game-changing victory in the cage, showrunner Byron Balasco made it clear that making it professionally doesn’t necessarily mean making it personally.

“I don’t think the two are hand in hand,” Balasco told Variety. “That’s what we’re really trying to show…the sacrifice that it takes to win in the ring comes at a cost to your personal life and it doesn’t change your circumstances necessarily — or it can, but not in ways that you anticipate it.”

That makes sense, considering where season 1 left Ryan: victorious, but rejected again by Lisa Prince, his ex-fiance.

Among others, one of the new additions to season 2 is an old friend of gym owner Alvey Kulina. This ex-fighter, played by Mark Consuelos, is a fearsome guy named Sean Chapas. The fearsome part isn’t too surprising — any friend of Alvey’s isn’t exactly expected to be a person who’s 100% on the level. As Consuelos revealed, “They [Sean and Alvey] used to run together back in the early days of the UFC circuit, and he’s a business man. He seems to have his s__ together, but you find out quickly that it’s very much a house of cards.”

Sounds like he and King Kulina are birds of a feather.

Nick Jonas also had some things to say about the development of his character, Nate Kulina, Alvey’s youngest son. Particularly shocking last season was the revelation of Nate’s sexuality: in the hyper-masculine and testosterone-charged world of MMA fighting, Nate is gay. He’s still coming to grips with it.

“It’s about pulling back the layers and seeing what’s underneath, and for him discovering what’s important to him besides fighting…and a big part of that is his sexuality,” Jonas said.

At least Nate finally dumped his girlfriend.

Can’t wait for next week’s first-ever Kingdom recap here at 4YE? Neither can I. Mark your calendars: Kingdom season 2 premieres October 14.

Emily Suazo