Doctor Who: Will Maisie Williams Return After “The Woman Who Lived”?

Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

Actress Maisie Williams made her first Doctor Who appearance in last week’s episode, “The Girl Who Died,” as Ashildr. She’s also set to appear in this coming Saturday’s episode too (October 24th) “The Woman Who Lived”, which also coincidentally marks the halfway point of season nine.

This time, there’s been a time jump (this is Doctor Who, after all), and Ashildr seems to have become a malicious Highwayman known as The Nightmare. As you will see from the two clips below, Ashildr is now very much alone and, having repeatedly outlived those around her, has become her own companion.

The Doctor seems to wrestle with Ashildr’s cold indifference towards her past. Clearly, he had thought he was doing the right thing in saving her life, but in doing so he made her immortal, and it looks as though that’s been a high cost to pay. Maybe the Doctor getting in touch with the human side of his emotions isn’t such a great thing after all?

Williams’ appearance on the show was the subject of much discussion and speculation prior to the episode airing. What exactly would her role be? Now that she has appeared, that speculation hasn’t died down, either. It seems as though there’s far more to Ashildr than just two separate but interconnecting story lines and then nothing else. What of this hybrid that keeps being mentioned? Is that to do with Ashildr, or Clara? Could Clara’s imminent exit mean we see more of Ashildr in future episodes?

Williams is staying mum, but she was rather coy when asked if she would be appearing again, simply saying there’s a “good chance” we will see her return to the show. This makes sense; after all, when a Doctor who travels through time and space makes someone immortal, it’s fairly obvious that she will crop up again at some point.

The question is; where? And also, when? Everything seems to point toward Ashildr reappearing as Clara departs the show, however that may be.