Delightful Downton Fills Us With Joy As A Familiar Face Returns

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

Oh Downton, how we love thee. We always knew it was going to be hard to say goodbye, but they’re making it even tougher for us now by pulling out all the stops and heaping all these joyful events on us. Our hearts can barely cope! Let’s take a look back at last night’s episode.

What You Need To Know:

The Hospital War Rumbles On: This is the one storyline that we’re not enjoying. Violet and Isobel are worthy of so much more. This is evidenced by their killer line delivery and the fact that they steal every scene they’re in. Even so, there’s no escaping that this storyline is dull. Basically, Isobel and Cora went to look at the Royal Yorkshire and are all for the merger. Violet is dead against it, as is Doctor Clarkson. Isobel says it’s just because he can see he won’t be as important. She’s totally right, of course.

Daisy Jumps the Gun: Last series, Daisy was doing well. She was less whiny, and seemed intent on improving her education. Now all this thing with Mr Mason and his farm has made her revert to the Daisy of old, and we don’t care for it. Mr Molesley lets slip that he’s heard the Drewe’s are leaving. Daisy takes this to mean that Cora will be installing Mr Mason on the farm, and even goes as far as to thank her for it, and then tells Mr Mason, who also thanks her. Clearly, this is not what Cora had meant at all, and Daisy once again is only going to prove how immature she really is.

Edith Leads The Way: For women everywhere, really. Once again she flies down to London because of her incompetent editor, only this time, she fires him. Go Edith. She meets Bertie, the man she met last series at a party and had one dance with. He asks her for a drink, only she’s now stuck with needing to edit the whole magazine herself so she has to turn him down. Unperturbed, Bertie rolls up his sleeves and pitches in, working alongside her until four in the morning. If Edith doesn’t finally find happiness with this gem of a man then I’ll be banging Julian Fellowes’ door down, demanding an explanation.

The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For: The wedding of Carson and Mrs Hughes. It was a bumpy road, but we got there. Cora makes Mrs Hughes admit that she wanted the reception in the village hall, and a proper knees up rather than a refined do at the house. (Sounds more preferable to us, too.) Once that’s settled, Anna (who might be pregnant by the way – yay!), tells Mary that Mrs Hughes doesn’t have a decent dress. Mary decides she can borrow one of Cora’s evening coats, only no one tells Cora this and when she returns home with a headache, she blows up at Mrs Hughes about it.

She soon realises the error of her ways, though, and takes a lovely coat to her and tells her it’s a gift. The family all attend the wedding too, which is lovely. To see Carson so beamingly happy already had the tears pricking at our eyes. Then we had all the family warmly congratulating them and then….

Then Tom Branson appeared.

We cannot be the only ones who cried?

He’s home. As he said, it took moving to Boston for him to realise that Downton was his home, and the Grantham’s his family. George and Marigold ran to Sybbie and hugged her tight; Mary looked happier that we’ve seen in years and… well, basically it was the happiest of endings to the happiest of episodes. Bravo, Downton.

Join us next week, when Lady Violet will be here with her recapping duties.