Charlize Theron In Talks To Star In Gender-Flipped Lead Role For The Gray Man

Credit: The Guardian
Credit: The Guardian

Furiosa fans fear not!

I know we’re all super disappointed by the news that George Miller isn’t sure our favourite Imperator will make it into the next Mad Max movie, but Charlize Theron has another kickass heroine role lined up!

Mark Greaney’s The Gray Man is a novel series (the first one was released in 2009) centering around a former CIA operative, Court Gentry – now an international assassin for hire.

Now, as the title would suggest, the protagonist in the books is a man. Awesomely, Deadline reports that Sony Pictures are in talks with Theron to play the role.

It’s not Mad Max: Furiosa, and nor is it a Black Widow movie. Still it ticks a lot of the boxes, right?!

Sony’s had this action-thriller in the works for a while now, and somewhere along the line they had James Gray directing Brad Pitt in the title role! Since then, though, plans have changed!

The infamous Russo brothers, Joe and and Anthony, were then picked up to write and direct.

After the astounding success of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, have since shouldered Joss Whedon’s Avengers mantle and have had to drop the project.

If all goes well with Theron (fingers crossed everyone!), then she’ll still be working from the Russo brothers’ scripts. Also her Denver and Delilah label will produce alongside Joe Roth.

In the books, Court Gentry must evade a would-be rescue team sent to kill him, whilst protecting the lives of the children he just found out he had – it’ll be fun to see how they get around that with a female protagonist.

Famously, Sony changed the lead role of spy-thriller Salt to suit Angelina Jolie when Tom Cruise dropped out – and they did a pretty good job of it.

Theron’s in safe hands here.

Changing the originally intended gender of written roles is an increasing trend in Hollywood at the moment, allowing women access to the far more interesting roles generally written for men!

At the Toronto Film Festival this year, Sandra Bullock talked about her role as a political campaign manager in Our Brand Is Crisis – originally written for George Clooney, who produced the film.

“We’re complex, crazy little creatures,” said Bullock. “We deserve to have stories that reflect that. And normalise that instead of it being a rarity. ‘Oh she’s intelligent? She wants to travel the world and do things for herself? Well, that’s weird.’ That’s the way it’s played out for so long.”

Sneh Rupra