A Blast From The Past Drops In As The Future Looks A Little Brighter On This Week’s Downton Abbey

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

After last week’s amazing episode, it is back to business as usual on this week’s Downton Abbey. This week gives us flirtations, fights, night trains, emotions over the dinner table, and yet another police matter to attend to.

Grab your gin and tea, and let’s go over what went down on Downton this week!

What You Need To Know:

  • A Dowager Betrayed: The exceptionally tedious hospital row continues with each side calling for reinforcements. Lady Rosamund is on her way up to Downton, unable to resist being drawn into the debacle, while Violet enlists Lady Shackleton as an ally. She preps her extensively before their arrival, and while it seems Shackleton might actually be in agreement with Cora, she’s quickly put in her place. Unfortunately for Violet, Shackleton turns on her at the dinner later on, leaving Violet in quite the state.
  • Mary’s Racing Heart: With Shackleton’s visit, she brings along her nephew. The Crawleys are rather put out until they who realise it is: Henry Talbot, the dashing chap Mary flirted with at Christmas. Mary seems quite keen on him until he mentions he’s a race car driver. He gives her his card and meets up with her later on in the week while she’s in London, where she shoots him down as a suitor, though it doesn’t look like her attitude is going to stop him.
  • The 20th Century Success Story Returns: The hospital isn’t the only reason Rosamund is in Yorkshire. She wants Edith to meet Mr Harding, the treasurer of Hillcroft College in Surbiton. It’s a place for clever women with modest backgrounds and she thinks Edith should become a trustee like her. Harding and his wife arrive for lunch and it turns out Mrs Harding is the housemaid formerly known as Gwen Dawson (welcome back, Rose Leslie). Barrow causes a bit of trouble for Gwen during her visit, as she downplays knowing the family. He throws her under the bus at lunch, but she comes clean with the family, who turn out to be quite pleased for her, especially when learning that Sybil helped Gwen better herself (I’m not crying. YOU ARE).
  • The Bates Catch A Break: Anna, as we learned last week, is pregnant. This episode, though, finds her having pains once more. She is rushed to London by Mary, (confusing everyone as why they have to leave) where the doctor performs the promised operation and saves the baby. Once home, Bates has guessed the problem, and is delighted Anna is pregnant.
  • Daisy Overdoes It:Downstairs, Daisy gets herself worked up as Barrow lets her know that the farm isn’t going to Mr Mason. She becomes angry (even though really, she has no one to blame but herself), and is determined to say a thing or two to Cora about it. Luckily, before she goes to make a fool out of herself and lose her job, Robert (after having discussed with the family) lets her know that the farm is going to Mason after all. Crisis averted!
  • Everything else: Robert keeps getting twinges of pain, but insists it’s nothing. Mr Carson and his wife, still to be known as Mrs Hughes, arrive back from their Scarborough honeymoon and move into a cottage. Edith announces she plans to appoint a woman editor to her magazine. Willis is back, this time to see Miss Baxter. He’s here to discuss a Mr Peter Coyle, who persuaded Baxter to steal her mistress’ jewels. Willis wants Baxter to testify against him at trial. She agrees to do so after Cora and Molesley get to her.

Quotes of the night:

“I haven’t been in the kitchen in 20 yrs”- Violet “Have you got your passport?”- Isobel

“Are you here to help or irritate?” Violet

Join us next when Lady Isobel takes over recapping!

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