Twin Peaks: David Lynch Asks Fans To Stop Posting Pictures Of Filming

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

It’s been a long time coming, but now production on the Twin Peaks revival is finally under way. Filming began a few weeks back in Washington, and understandably, fans have flocked to catch a glimpse of production, and more specifically, to see which cast members they can spot and to take pictures.

It’s only natural to want to do this if you live close enough, but it seems as though fans posting these pictures on Twin Peaks fansites is where David Lynch draws the line. In a joint statement with co-creator Mark Frost, the notoriously secretive and volatile director appealed to fans to keep details of the show under wraps.

“We’re so happy people are excited about being back to where it all began. Like any good mystery, it’s all suppose to be top secret, and would love it if everyone helped keep it that way!”

One such fansite, Twin Peaks Archive, immediately cooperated, though the founder, Jerry Horne, wasn’t exactly happy about it. Announcing that the site wouldn’t be posting any production stills until after the final episode had aired, Horne wrote:

“Even though everyone I witnessed was being courteous and staying on public sidewalks etc, apparently this was just too much for Lynch. So, we decided to abide by Mr. Lynch’s wishes. We will post stills of the filming process once the final episode of the series airs. I know many of you are disappointed by this, but hey, it is what it is.”

The final episode of the eagerly anticipated third series won’t actually air for almost another two years, so it’s understandable that fans are a little riled, but as Horne writes, it is what it is.

It has taken so long to get the revival going, and Lynch has taken such a lot of persuading that it seems a shame to jeopardise the show’s return because some fans feel the need to post the pictures they’ve taken. It’s a problem Lynch didn’t have to deal with back in the nineties, of course, but if it angers him, stop. Don’t run the risk of him shutting down production completely, please. I need my coffee and pie!