They Couldn’t Save The Cheerleader: Latest Heroes Reborn Promo Reveals Claire’s Fate

Credit: NBC
Credit: NBC

While the summer hiatus is not our favorite time of the year, all that free time gives you the opportunity to binge-watch shows that have been off-air for a while. One of these shows we couldn’t help catching up on this summer was Heroes. And we finished just in time for the show to be revived. Heroes Reborn will bring the characters we fell in love (or hate) with back to the screen.

The latest promo for Heroes Reborn gives away that we will see quite a lot of familiar faces, including Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman), Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka) and Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy). And while some other original favorites are painfully absent (yes, that’s you Milo Ventimiglia and Zachary Quinto), one of them has encountered a sad fate – Claire Bennet is dead.

For the first four seasons of Heroes, the ultimate goal has been clear from the start: “Save the cheerleader, save the world”. Claire and the struggle with her ability has been the central focus of the series. The series finale ended with Claire demonstrating her impressive ability to regenerate to the public and thereby revealed that the “heroes,” people with certain abilities, exist. It was the time for a Brave New World. But, as it happens so often, things went wrong.

Last month during the TCA Press Tour, Heroes creator Tim King revealed that Claire would not be part of Reborn, at least not a living one: “She died a year prior to our story starting. That sort of gets into the mythology that’s attached to the original show.”

So the question we are all asking at this point is, how could someone who has been invincible for so many years die? For five years Claire has survived almost everything: bullets, fire, and she’d actually been brought back from the dead in the season three episode “The Eclipse Part 2”. What could be the reason for her final death? Another eclipse seems unlikely. That is hopefully a question that will be answered in just two days.

We are certainly sad to see that Hayden Panettiere is not returning as Claire Bennet, and that most of the original characters are only scheduled to appear every now and then. “None of the former characters except for Jack’s character is in every episode,” said King. “All the characters that return are peppered in and out of the show.” However, we still can’t wait to see what the newest generation of heroes will come up with.

Heroes Reborn premieres with a special two-hour event September 24th at 8/7 ct on NBC.

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